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    Christopher Nolan And His Wife Emma Thomas To Receive Knighthood And Damehood From King Charles III

    ‘Dunkirk’, ‘Oppenheimer‘, and ‘Inception‘: These blockbuster movies have one thing in common, they were produced by none other than Christopher Nolan. You don’t need an introduction to the director. He is considered one of Hollywood’s most renowned directors, because of his remarkable work and contributions to the film business.

    His most recent film. Oppenheimer has broken every milestone to become the IT movie of 2023. For his outstanding productivity and service to the film business, the UK government will bestow a Knighthood and Damehood upon Oscar-winning director Christopher Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas.

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    Christopher Nolan And His Wife Emma Thomas To Receive British Royal Honors

    Christopher Nolan and wife Emma Thomas
    Christopher Nolan and wife Emma Thomas

    The couple’s royal recognition stems from the movie Oppenheimer. The movie won multiple awards including The Oscars for ‘Best Movie” and “Best Director“. Nolan’s other movies were also nominated including ‘Memento,’ ‘Inception’ and ‘Dunkirk’.

    Though The royal honors are bestowed twice a year- once on New Year and second on King Charles III’s birthday- it comes as a bit of a surprise that is given during this time but for exceptions it is also given to notable personalities.

    ‘Oppenheimer’ is a historical movie on the ‘Father of the atomic bomb’, Julius Robert Oppenheimer. The film was released with another blockbuster movie, ‘Barbie’. This created excitement among fans and gave rise to the collaborating trend of ‘Barbenheimer’.

    The mastermind Nolan did a fantastic job narrating the story and his efforts have paid off. The couple also shares a strong bond and this notable Royal honor is only possible because of their support towards each other.

    “I think any of us who make movies know that you kind of dream of this moment. You know you do, right? I could deny it, but I have been dreaming about this moment for so long, but it seemed so unlikely that it would ever actually happen,” Thomas said after the Oscar win.

    She continued, “And now I am standing here and everything has kind of gone out of my head. The reason this movie was the movie it was was because of Chris Nolan. He’s singular. He’s brilliant and I am so grateful for you.”

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    Royal Honors Of Knighthood And Damehood

    Knighthood And Damehood
    Knighthood And Damehood

    The UK government bestows the Royal titles of Knighthood and Damehood on deserving individuals who have made noteworthy contributions to a variety of fields, including social service and the movie industry.

    Other famous people who received the title are: Mohamed Mansour, who received a knighthood for his political and charitable work, other recipients of the honor were Demis Hassabis, CEO of Google Deep Mind, Mathew Clifford, AI advisor of the British government, and more.

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