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    “Cringeworthy And Creepy”: Internet Slams BBC Reporter For Asking Andrew Scott “Disgusting” Questions About Barry Keoghan

    Andrew Scott has been in the global limelight recently after the release of his latest film All Of Us Strangers’ alongside Paul Mescal. The movie has been received well globally with it narrative revolving around a gay couple. The chemistry between Mescal and Scott on-screen has sparked discussions among critics.

    As the BAFTA awards concluded on Sunday, Scott made a due appearance as his film had been nominated for a few categories. But his red carpet appearance took an uncomfortable turn when BBC entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson asked him some inappropriate and intrusive questions about Barry Keoghan during an interview.

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    BBC’s Colin Paterson Asks Andrew Scott For His First Reaction On Barry Keoghan’s Naked Dance In ‘Saltburn’

    Barry Keoghan (Image: Getty)
    Barry Keoghan (Image: Getty)

    Andrew Scott was attending the BAFTAs in support of the nominated film ‘All of Us Strangers’ on Sunday. Dressed in a red suit, Scott walked down the red carpet at the BAFTAs when BBC entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson stopped him for an interview.

    Paterson then asked, “OK, your reaction when you first saw the naked dance scene at the end of Saltburn?” Scott uncomfortably laughed and responded, “It’s great, it’s great.” He added, “I won’t spoil it for anybody.”

    Do you know Barry well?” Paterson asked. Scott, who seemingly didn’t know the direction that the conversation was heading in, said, “Yes! I know Barry, yeah!”

    Paterson continued to pester him, trying to get an answer. “There was a lot of talk about prosthetics. How well do you know him?” Paterson said. Scott eventually chose to walk away from the interview.

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    “It Is Also Obvious Homophobia”: Social Media Abuzz With Criticism For BBC Reporter

    Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal in 'AL of Us Strangers' (Image: Getty)
    Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal in ‘AL of Us Strangers’ (Image: Getty)

    Social media erupted with criticism after the video gained traction on the internet. Many slammed Paterson, calling his line of questioning “disgusting” and accusing him of homophobia.

    This is frankly disgusting. Andrew Scott is there to support his multiple nominated film and THIS is what you ask? Then when he looks visibly uncomfortable the guy carried on. Truly horrid,” a social media user wrote in the comments section.

    This is actually dreadful. And you can bet that this would not have been asked if Andrew wasn’t gay . This is not simply lousy journalism; it is also obvious homophobia,” another said, accusing Paterson on being a homophobic for asking the question.

    Whoever is employing this “interviewer”…fire them now please,” a third person added in the comments section on X. “This interviewer doesn’t deserve any form of respect… cringeworthy and creepy,” another quipped.

    Many users also pointed out that Paterson deviated from relevant and respectful questions about the acclaimed queer drama and instead focused on explicit content, deeming it a new low for the BBC.

    As of now, neither the BBC nor Andrew Scott has responded to requests for comments on the incident.

    The BAFTA Awards night concluded in a star-studded event on Sunday with ‘Oppenheimer’ securing seven BAFTA awards, including one for the Best Film.

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