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    Dolph Lundgren Clarifies Doing The Ivan Drago Spin-Off

    Dolph Lundgren was a name synonymous with action films in the 1980s and 90s. The Swedish actor and martial artist shot to fame with his portrayal of Soviet boxer Ivan Drago in ‘Rocky 4.’ The role was well received and Dolph went on to do many more action films.

    The 64 year actor recently took to social media to clarify a misunderstanding regarding a potential Ivan Drago spin-off film. Earlier Sylvester Stallone criticised him for the same. Dolph has now written on Instagram about the film and said that he is in touch with Stallone

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    Dolph Lundgren Talks About The Ivan Drago Spin-Off

    Dolph Lundgren
    Dolph Lundgren

    Dolph Lundgren has reacted to Sylvester Stallone‘s criticism of him for doing the Ivan Drago spin-off film. The ‘Expendables 3‘ actor shared a picture of himself with Stallone to clarify the misunderstanding.


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    He wrote: “Just to set the record straight regarding a possible Drago spinoff. There’s no approved script, no deals in place, no director and I was personally under the impression that my friend Sly Stallone was involved as a producer or even as an actor.”

    The Swedish actor further talked about a press leak that stirred the rumor. “There was a press leak last week which was unfortunate. In touch with Mr Balboa – just so all the fans can relax…There ya go.”

    He had portrayed the eponymous villaneous boxer in ‘Rocky 4‘ and later reprised his role in ‘Creed 2.’ It is considered to be one of the most memorable character in the whole franchise.

    Stallone Called Out Dolph and ‘Rocky’ Producer Over Spin-Off

    Sylvester Stallone & Irwin Winkler
    Sylvester Stallone & Irwin Winkler

    Stallone has been publicly calling out the ‘Rocky‘ producer Irwin Winkler for the past few days over an ownership dispute. Taking to social media, he recently lashed out at Irwin for making a spin-off on Drago.

    The actor wrote, “Another Heartbreaker… Just found this out…ONCE AGAIN , IRWIN WINKLER , this PATHETIC 94 year old PRODUCER and HIS MORONIC VULTURE CHILDREN, Charles And David , are once again picking clean THE BONES of another wonderful character I created without even telling me.”

    He apologized to the fans and stated that he “never wanted ROCKY characters to be exploited by these parasites.” The ‘Rambo‘ actor also took a shot at Dolph for doing the film.

    By the way, I once had nothing but respect for Dolph but he NEVER told me about what was going on behind my back with the character I created for him !!! REAL FRIENDS Are more precious than gold”, he said.

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