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    Dua Lipa And Callum Turner Turn Up The Heat With Steamy PDA-Filled Dinner Date

    The sizzling Hollywood romance radar is off the charts as pop sensation Dua Lipa and heartthrob Callum Turner confirm their hot and heavy relationship. 

    The Grammy winner and the ‘Boys in the Night‘ actor didn’t just light up the room, they set it ablaze during a recent dinner date in Los Angeles, confirming last week’s rumors of the two of them being spotted slow dancing into the night.

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    Dua Lipa And Callum Turner: New Power Couple Alert

    Dua Lipa And Callum Turner at a Steamy PDA-Filled Dinner Date
    Dua Lipa And Callum Turner at a Steamy PDA-Filled Dinner Date

    The ‘power couple’ up until last week was just another rumored couple of Hollywood. Lipa-Turner love affair started swirling on January 14. The pair shared a cozy dinner with friends in Santa Monica, California. As we can see in the recent pictures the new love birds could not keep their hands off each other. Spilling the beans an eyewitness from the night revealed that the couple appeared “very close together“. 

    The duo turned heads outside the trendy Sushi Park restaurant, leaving no doubt about the intensity of their new love affair. In a moment that could rival a scene from a Hollywood romance, the 33-year-old actor couldn’t resist wrapping his arms tightly around the 28-year-old ‘Houdini’ singer. The ‘Fantastic Beasts star‘ pulled off a move straight out of the movies. He spun the ‘Levitating’ singer Dua around before sealing the deal with a passionate kiss.

    Dua Lipa And Callum Turner at a Steamy PDA-Filled Dinner Date
    Dua Lipa And Callum Turner at a Steamy PDA-Filled Dinner Date

    Amidst the sparks flying between Dua Lipa and Callum Turner, eager entertainment enthusiasts are waiting for official confirmation. If kissing outside a restaurant and slow dancing is not one. 

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    From Cannes To Cupid: The Dating Timeline

    Before the Callum chapter unfolded, Dua Lipa had her own Cannes-worthy romance. French film director Romain Gavras and Dua began their romance in February 2023. The couple made their red carpet debut at the Cannes Film Festival in May. The singer made it Instagram official with a birthday post for the 42-year-old beau.

    In a world where celebrity relationships often play out in the public eye, Dua Lipa is known for guarding her love life fiercely. 

    In her own words to the Wall Street Journal, “Something that I’ve realized over time is how little people actually know. I’ve made peace with the fact that people can think what they want to think, but no one really, truly knows what’s happening behind closed doors.”

    She also gives credit to her tight-knit circle of friends and family, stating, “My circle’s really tight, my family and my friends keep me so grounded, and it gives me some kind of comfort that not everything is out there that would take away from your life and privacy.”

    Hollywood romance with a side of mystery—now that’s a blockbuster we can’t wait to watch unfold.

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