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    “Dude Is A Fraud”: Kendrick Lamar Accused Of Using Fan Tweets As Lyrics For Drake Diss Track

    The diss track war between Kendrick Lamar and Drake has blown out of proportion with both rappers attacking each other in what seems like more than just a playful banter. Lamar recently released a series of diss tracks making some outrageous allegations against Drake including pedophilia and having a secret daughter.

    Drake also responded to the tracks either with his own diss tracks or through social media. Other than the rappers themselves, many fans also fell prey to heated online arguments favoring their favorite rappers. In a more recent development, some social media users are accusing Kendrick Lamar of plagiarism. Here’s what’s going on.

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    Internet Accuses Kendrick Lamar Of Plagiarism

    Drake and Kendrick Lamar
    Drake and Kendrick Lamar

    Kendrick Lamar has been the talk of the town since he released some sharp diss tracks against his arch-enemy Drake. However, some social media users are demanding credit from Lamar for what they claim is plagiarism. These social media users have claimed that Lamar has used lines directly from X (formerly Twitter) comments as his lyrics for the track ‘Not Like Us‘.

    Screenshots of tweets with comments similar to Lamar’s lyrics are circulating on social media, with fans highlighting lines that have been used verbatim in Lamar’s track. All these comments were posted in 2021, years before Lamar released his diss tracks against Drake.

    Some of the most conspicuous comments of all include a comment calling Drake a “certified Paedophile“, which stemmed from a comment where someone wrote, “Certified Lover no, Certified Paedophile.” Some other comments in the screenshots also seem to have been directly copy-pasted into his diss tracks by Lamar.

    The development comes amid the feud between Lamar and Drake, which reportedly began in 2023 after Drake and J. Cole’s lyrics hinted at the establishment of a “big 3” in rap, including Lamar, Drake, and J. Cole. Lamar retaliated to this in his tracks released at the time, rejecting the concept and taking shots at both Drake and J. Cole. The feud has intensified over time, though J. Cole has backed out.

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    “His Lyrics Are AI-Generated”: Internet Slams Kendrick Lamar For Plagiarism And AI-Usage

    Drake and Kendrick Lamar
    Drake and Kendrick Lamar

    Social media has not been merciful after the controversy erupted, with many slamming Kendrick Lamar for his wrongful usage of their comments. Many declared him incompetent compared to Drake, even though he was seemingly the leading man amidst the long-ongoing feud.

    Kendrick Lamar realizing he couldn’t really keep up with Drake rapping-wise in this battle, he couldn’t come up with anything original or even fight the allegations but the hate of the public for Drake was too strong,” a social media user commented on X.

    The debate has further escalated with allegations of Lamar using AI tools like GPT and Gemini to churn out songs. “Of course, Kendrick, who used to drop music every four years, is now releasing something almost daily. He’s using ChatGPT to scrape Twitter… his lyrics are AI-generated, dude is a fraud. Ghosthwritters…lol. I hope at least his vocals aren’t AI-generated,” another aggravated social media fan wrote in the comments section.

    However, along with haters, Lamar also has some staunch supporters rooting for him. “if you think Kendrick Lamar went on Twitter to find punchlines you’re delusional,” one of Lamar’s fans commented in response to the criticism. 

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