Kendrick Lamar Wins Big At The Grammy Awards 2023 In The Rap Category

Kendrick Lamar at the Grammy Awards 2023
Kendrick Lamar at the Grammy Awards 2023

The music industry has awarded and honored the music talent that has had a remarkable impact with their music at the Grammy Awards 2023. On February 5th, 2023, the music artists graced the arena in Los Angeles to mark the biggest musical night of the year. Artists like Beyoncé, Harry Styles, Kendrick Lamar, Adele, Bad Bunny, and others were the lead contenders in some major categories. The night had a thumping Black energy due to some major artists from the community winning big.

The pop star Beyoncé created history with the most number of nominations and during the night, she also became the most-awarded artist with 32 Grammy Awards. Another artist who won in some coveted categories was Kendrick Lamar for his deeply emotional album ‘Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers’. He earned eight nominations, the most after Beyoncé. At the ceremony, he snagged three trophies in some of the important categories under the Hip-Hop genre.

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Kendrick Lamar Won The ‘Best Rap Album’ Category

Kendrick Lamar accepting his Grammy Award for 'Best Rap Album'
Kendrick Lamar accepting his Grammy Award for ‘Best Rap Album’

The artist has shown finesse when it comes to penmanship. With all his albums, the rapper has proved how sonically and lyrically superior an artist he is. The ‘DAMN’ artist has not been appreciated much for his technicalities and production skills, but with ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ and ‘Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers’. But, from all his other albums, the latter comes as one of the emotionally charged LPs of our times.

Lamar encapsulated all the insecurities, and unsaid truths, and peek into the troubled personal lives of the Black community in this 19-tracks album. He talked about being in therapy, coming to terms with his aunt’s gender identity, dealing with grief, and many more subjects.

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The Grammy Awards recognized the effort of Kendrick to depict the emotional intricacies that one may blanket in the community. During the awards ceremony, the ‘DNA’ rapper won the ‘Best Rap Album’ award. Cardi B conferred the award to the rapper. Other contenders in this category were Future, Pusha T, DJ Khaled, and Jack Harlow. This win comes after four years since he won the award for his Pulitzer-winning album ‘DAMN’. He also won the trophies for ‘The Heart Part 5’ under the categories of ‘Best Rap Performance’ and ‘Best Rap Song’.

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The Artist Said That It Was One Of The Toughest Records To Make

Kendrick Lamar for 'Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers'
Kendrick Lamar for ‘Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers’

There are some impressive tracks on the record including ‘Father Time’ and ‘Mother I Sober’, where he has penned the flawed engineering of parenting from his father ingraining the toxic masculinity trait in him. In ‘Mother I Sober’, Lamar reflected on the domestic abuse that he witnessed in his life, but he is frustrated with his inability to prevent it. He also touched upon infidelity with it. One of the most moving songs is ‘We Cry Together’, which features Taylour Paige in an argument calling out one another. A peek into the process of resolution of modern couples baring their insecurities.

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In his winning speech, Kendrick extended his gratitude to his family for allowing him to be vulnerable. He said, “First and foremost, I wanna thank my family for giving me the courage and the vulnerability to share these stories and to share my truth with this album. That’s first and foremost. I wanna thank my fans for trusting me with these words”.

He admitted that the album was one of the toughest to make. “You know as artists, we all entertainers, stupid. And we say things to provoke thoughts and feelings and emotions. So making this record was one of my toughest records to make; and it allowed me to do that and it allowed me to share other people’s experiences”.

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