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    Duffer Brothers Share A Disheartening Update About ‘Stranger Things 5′ Ruining Fans’ Hopes

    Netflix’s smash sci-fi creeper thriller, Stranger Things, lodged a groundbreaking record hit with its release of season 4. The series starring Millie Bobby Brown, Sadie Sink, Noah Schnapp, and Finn Wolfhard has only accumulated more and more viewership with its new subsequent seasons.

    Volume 2, which concluded season 4, also crashed Netflix at the time of its release on July 1. The viewers witnessed some of their favorite characters taste death. The Duffer Brothers—Matt and Ross responded to some of the fans’ anticipation for the final season of Stranger Things. They also revealed the reasons for killing some of the fans’ favorite characters and also provided updates about Stranger Things 5.

    Warning: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things season 4.

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    Duffer Brothers Had Already Planned Who Would Die In Season 4

    Duffer Brothers respond to fans' hopes of seeing Eddie Munson return in stranger things 5
    Eddie Munson became a fans’ favorite

    Eddie Munson was the new addition to season 4, and sadly his character departed in the season finale. Eddie Munson’s character has been loved worldwide by the fans. Joseph Quinn did an excellent job at making the character alive. His personality felt very personal and real to many people.

    Heavily misjudged by the town of Hawkins, Eddie Munson still sacrificed himself for the town. Sadly, even in his death, his actual character couldn’t come out into the world, and he died with the image of a ‘murderer.’ The tragedy of such a warm, understanding, loving character is immense, and the fans felt a heavy sadness in passing away of Eddie. 

    Fans have been requesting the Duffer Brothers to give a grand return to Eddie Munson in Stranger Things 5. The Duffer Brothers answered this pleading request in a recent interview on Happy Sad Confused podcast.

    Matt Duffer said, “We sort of saw Eddie as a bit of a doomed character.” Offering an alternative story for Eddie had he survived season 4, Matt adds, “Even imagining the flip side of that, where he does survive that final battle, there’s not a great life waiting for Eddie in the right side up either, so he was really designed from the get go as a doomed character. 

    The brothers extinguished the hope the fans were carrying for Eddie Munson and his possible return in season 5 for a justified happy ending. Eddie Munson was born a tragic character and the fans simply have to accept the trajectory of his character. 

    A Final Goodbye To Dr. Martin Benner

    Dr. Martin Benner's crucial role in Stranger Things 4
    Dr. Benner played a crucial role in Stranger Things 4

    Dr. Martin Benner also took his final breaths in Season 4. He played a crucial role in season 4, and a lot of loose ties were finally fixed. Matt Duffer explained: “Why we really wanted to bring him back [is that] we felt that Eleven had never really come to terms with her relationship with him. Especially in episode eight, she and Brenner go at it and she says everything that’s on her mind.”

    Matt continued, “We also wanted to show Brenner isn’t this black and white villain – we wanted to give him an opportunity to at least try to tell Eleven his justifications and ultimately she doesn’t accept them.”

    What’s Going To Be Different In Stranger Things 5?

    Duffer Brothers reveal what's the new coming in Stranger Things 5
    Duffer Brothers reveal what’s new coming in Stranger Things 5

    Stranger Things 5 will have shorter episodes as compared to season 4. The Duffer brothers explained that the final episode of season 4 already started the action for season 5. The supernatural mystery they’ve to crack has already been presented to them, as compared to the previous seasons where the viewers were firstly presented with the kids adjusting to their new lives, school, friends, and lovers. However, this time it is going to be different since the gang has already been thrust into the final action. This will make the new season feel different. 

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