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    Dwayne Johnson Once Tried To Pay Clint Eastwood Homage With A Film That Turned Out To Be More Of An Insult

    Clint Eastwood is one of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood. Who doesn’t love the ‘Dirty Harry’ actor? Among his fan following there are some well-known Hollywood celebrities as well. And Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson is one of his biggest fans. 

    Today we will take a look at one of Dwayne’s movies that was supposed to pay homage to his man crush. However, things didn’t go as planned and it turned out to be more of an insult. So what is this DC movie? Let’s take a look!

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    In Which Movie Did Dwayne Johnson Pay Homage To Clint Eastwood?

    Black Adam Dwyane Johnson
    Dwyane Johnson as Black Adam

    Dwyane Johnson has often expressed his love for the Hollywood sensation Clint Eastwood. He even mentioned how much the actor has influenced his acting style. However, his recent DC movie ‘Black Adam’ has been greatly influenced by Clint Eastwood’s movies. 

    The Rock talked about how Eastwood influenced ‘Black Adam’ in one of his interviews. “Clint Eastwood is my favorite actor of all time, and those early cowboy westerns and Dirty Harry 2 were my favorites. Our director Jaume Collet-Serra said, ‘why don’t we in the spirit of disrupting, we don’t we make the Dirty Harry of the DC universe.’ 

    The Fast X actor added, “And in that spirit would create a lot of dialogue philosophically about what makes a superhero a superhero and what makes a supervillain a supervillain, and what makes a protector a champion of the people.”

    But as we all know, ‘Black Adam’ became another one of DC’s epic fails. The movie did not find favor with critics or audiences. It only made $393 million worldwide and became a box office failure.

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    Dwayne Johnson Sent Clint Eastwood A Letter

    Clint Eastwood
    Clint Eastwood

    Like all of us, Dwyane Johnson also had a starstruck moment when seeing his idol Clint Eastwood on the red carpet. “We were at the Oscars and I was doing red carpet and when I was done with an interview, I turn around and there he is, he’s walking in with his wife… I was like, ‘Oh man, this is it.’ And then I froze. I completely froze. I completely froze. I couldn’t pull the trigger… I looked at his wife; she smiled, I smiled at her… I didn’t meet him,” recounted the Rock. 

    However, Johnson did not let it rest there. He wanted to express his gratitude, love and respect for the legendary actor-director. So Dwayne Johnson wrote Eastwood a letter. In his letter he expressed his admiration for the actor. He even tweeted the letter on his social media. 

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