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    Emma Roberts Reveals The Trait She Is Afraid Her Son Might Inherit From Her

    Parents are always worried about what their children are going to become. What habits they’re going to watch and study from their parents? And above all, they fear what traits they’re going to inherit. And as a mother, Emma Roberts is also scared of a trait that she thinks her son might end up inheriting. 

    Emma Roberts is known for her role in multiple movies and series that include ‘American Horror Story, Holidate, We’re the MillersScream 4, Blow, and so on. It was on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show that Emma Roberts shared her fear about her two-year-old son inheriting one of her traits. Here’s more about Emma Roberts and the traits she shares with her mother. 

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    The Trait That Emma Roberts Fears Her Son Might Get From Her

    Emma Roberts on The Kelly Clarkson Show
    Emma Roberts on The Kelly Clarkson Show

    With a two-year-old son Rhodes, Emma Roberts is having a very fun time. “It’s like there’s a ghost in my house sometimes, doors are open, lights are on, and I’m like what happened,” she said in the interview. The mother also remarked on how mischievous the toddler is, knowing “how to open doorknobs and turn on and off lights.” 

    Roberts has admitted motherhood is hard and has sought the help of her mother through the journey. The 31-year-old actress is concerned if her son will be a sleepwalker like herself and her mother. “I had a little bit of sleepwalking. I hope it’s not hereditary because my mom also sleepwalked,” the ‘Maybe I Do’ actress said. “One time I was sleepwalking and she was sleepwalking and we actually ran into each other. We were both so freaked out,” Roberts added. She is hoping that her son is not a sleepwalker and is a toddler “happy to stay in the crib” at the moment. But she is preparing for the day he will “climb out” soon. 

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    Emma Roberts On Dating Life

    Emma Roberts with former boyfriend Garrett Hedlund
    Roberts with former boyfriend Garrett Hedlund

    Emma Roberts shares 2-year-old Rhodes with her former boyfriend, actor Garrett Hedlund. They were first seen together in 2019 Before which she had a long-term on-and-off relationship with Evan Peters. The couple welcomed their first child in December 2020 and later split in January 2022. 

    I never want to talk about relationships I’m in or that are ending or have ended,” the actress talked about dating in Hollywood to Cosmopolitan in 2019. “It’s hard enough to be with someone by yourself, let alone with an audience,” the actress added. Currently, Roberts is dating actor Cody John.

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