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    Emma Roberts Reveals Why It Is “Extremely Difficult” For Her To Date Actors

    Emma Roberts is shedding some light on her romantic life and why she stays away from dating actors in the industry. The actress, who has frequently been a part of conversations about being a product of nepotism background, talked about this while speaking about her current partner, who she confirmed was not related to the entertainment industry.

    Roberts has previously made headlines while pointing out the sexism surrounding nepotism and how actresses are much more likely to face nepotism allegations than men. Here’s what the American Horror Story star revealed about her current partner.

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    Emma Roberts Doesn’t Date Actors. Here’s Why

    Emma Roberts
    Emma Roberts

    Emma Roberts, the 33-year-old actress, recently revealed in an interview with Flaunt magazine that her current boyfriend— whose name she did not want to reveal — is not an actor. “One day the veil was lifted and I didn’t want to date actors anymore,” Roberts said.

    “It’s hard, I think, for two actors to be together. I’m trying to think if I’ve seen it done successfully,” she said, further adding, “The actors I’ve been with border on Method actors, and that is something that I think is extremely difficult to be in a relationship with — at least for me, especially the characters that they were playing.”

    She also added that her boyfriend doesn’t use social media and that has been a massive positive contribution to her love life. As a piece of advice for bachelors, she said, “If you want to send a girl crazy, don’t have Instagram.” 

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    Who Has Emma Roberts Dated In The Past?

    Emma Roberts
    Emma Roberts

    Emma Roberts shares a 3-year-old son named Rhodes with ‘Tron: Legacy’ actor Garrett Hedlund, with whom she formally separated in January 2022. She had also dated Evan Peters, who she costarred with in ‘American Horror Story‘, between 2012 and 2019. As of now, she has been linked with Cody John.

    Talking about Roberts and John, sources said, “She’s been very content with Cody, and they’re enjoying their relationship and time together. Their friends and family are happy for the both of them and think they make a great couple.” However, none of them have officially confirmed their relationship.

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