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    ‘Euphoria’ Star Zendaya Allegedly Gets Beaten Up In Viral Video

    A viral video of a young woman being beaten up has sparked speculation that it may be Zendaya. This 7-second video went viral over the weekend, and it shows someone sobbing at this poor lady inside an unidentified business. They switch to kicking after punching, sending the woman flying back and hitting her head into a wall.

    Indeed, it’s heinous. Further, there’s no context to be found, as far as we can tell, that indicates where or when this occurred, who was involved, or why. Netizens are criticizing the video, terming it “socially devalued and not acceptable.” So what’s the truth of the matter?

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    The Alleged Viral Video Of Zendaya

    Zendaya looks ethereal in Valentino for Paris Fashion Week

    What others believe they see here, though, is someone who resembles the Euphoria actress. Well, at least based on the few glances at the girl’s face shown in the video it seems so.

    Yes, it does look like the actress, particularly in the moments from ‘Euphoria‘. But netizens have their theory of why they think otherwise about the women in the video.

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    Why Do People Think That The Women Is Not Zendaya?

    Well, Z, on the other hand, isn’t sporting this length of hair right now. Her hair is substantially shorter today, as seen by recent photos from her excursion in Massachusetts. Her footwear, namely rainbow-colored Crocs, is also different from what is seen in this video.


    Zendaya is wearing sneakers and has stated that she will only wear tennis shoes or heels, with little in between. According to what we could discover, Zendaya has never been photographed wearing Crocs. The basic conclusion is that there’s no conclusive evidence that this is, in fact, Z, but Twitter is currently trending her because people believe it is.

    Whether she likes it or not, those who mock her are conveying the incorrect message, as others have pointed out. Even if it’s just a lookalike, many people regard the filming and recirculation of an assault on a woman of color as a worrying trend, with this being the most recent example. That being said the entire social media is flooded with support for the girl getting beaten up.

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