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    “F–k You, Bill Clinton”: Gwyneth Paltrow Slams Former President For “Snoring Right In Front Of Her” During The Screening Of ‘Emma’

    Actress and entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow has time and again proved that she isn’t one to mince words. A well-known actress, Paltrow has often been vocal about her opinions and stands, much like some of her film characters. While Hollywood often gets mixed with politics, the former seldom has an upper hand — but not for Paltrow.

    The actress has gone so far as to abuse former President Bill Clinton for his alleged disrespect during the screening of one of Paltrow’s movies. During a recent interview where she spoke about her career and the films she has been a part of, Paltrow recalled an incident wherein Bill Clinton fell snored in front of her while watching her movie.

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    Gwyneth Paltrow Confirms The Rumor About Bill Clinton Falling Asleep During The Screening Of ‘Emma’

    Still from 'Emma'
    Still from ‘Emma’

    In a fiery interview on the YouTube series ‘Hot Ones, 51-year-old Gwyneth Paltrow took a strong jibe at former president Bill Clinton as she opened up about a particular incident. Going a bit off track from the intended interview, Paltrow addressed a particularly amusing rumor that the show host Sean Evans brought forth.

    Evans narrated a story alleging that President Clinton had “passed out asleep” during a White House screening of Paltrow’s 1996 film, ‘Emma. With a laugh, Paltrow confirmed the story and recalled how the former president had been snoring right in front of her. “I was like, ‘Wow, I guess this is going to be a real hit movie,'” she quipped sarcastically. “But it was! So f— you, Bill Clinton!” she said.

    Emma‘ was an adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel of the same name. Released in 1996 and directed by Douglas McGrath, the film received favorable reviews from critics and performed great at the box office, grossing over $22 million.

    The film also came as a breakthrough in Paltrow’s career, as it paved the way for her Oscar-winning performance in ‘Shakespeare in Lovewhich was released just three years later.

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    Gwyneth Paltrow Spills Beans On Some Other Rumors She Has Been Associated With

    Still from 'Emma'
    Still from ‘Emma’

    Gwyneth Paltrow was presented with some other rumors on the show, but she couldn’t confirm one regarding a prosthetic of her head being reused years later in the film ‘Contagion’. However, she did share a fascinating anecdote about actor Kiefer Sutherland, revealing that he had once served as her childhood babysitter.

    Recounting their shared history, Paltrow said, “Isn’t that cool? I was at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, where my mom [actress Blythe Danner] was doing plays, and he was an apprentice,” she recalled. “He babysat me and my brother [Jake Paltrow]. And he was awesome.”

    Sutherland himself has also discussed it in the past. As he recalled his stint as the Paltrow siblings’ babysitter in a 2009 interview, he marveled at how quickly time had passed. “It’s unbelievable how fast someone goes from 13 to 18, and obviously they look so different that when Gwyneth started to work, I thought, ‘Well, that must be another girl,'” he said.

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