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    ‘Friends’: Who Is Snaro, The Actor Who Played David Schwimmer’s Look-Alike Russ?

    Friends has to be one of the greatest sitcoms in television history with fans still not over the hilarious chemistry between its characters portrayed by a stellar cast. The show and the six friends have won the hearts of many, and still continues to be one of the most watched shows on OTT platforms.

    While its creators have introduced quite a few experiments in the show, one particular peculiarity in it might have gone unnoticed by even its most hardcore fans. In season 2, a new character was introduced as Rachel’s new boyfriend, named Russ. Though many believe Russ was just Ross with a wig, the credits of the show mentioned Snaro as the actor who played him. So it wasn’t David Schwimmer who played Russ? Here’s all you need to know about who Snaro is.

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    When Does Russ Appear On ‘Friends’?

    Still from ‘Friends’

    ‘Friends’ never failed to make the audience laugh despite some of its narratives that are now considered highly problematic. However, the creative team of the series also liked playing little pranks on the audience. One such genius prank they pulled was using the character Russ, who many assumed was played by David Schwimmer because of the obvious similarities.

    Russ makes an appearance in season 2 episode 10 of the show, as the boyfriend of Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel. She starts dating him right after breaking up with Ross, played by David Schwimmer, as he makes a pros and cons list to decide whether or not to continue dating her.

    At first glance, it is obvious that Russ is just David Schwimmer with a little make-up and a wig. Even on the show, all of Rachel’s friends are weirded out by the similarities between Ross and Russ, except her. It’s a clear rebound, that disappears after one episode.

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    Snaro Is A Genius Prank Played By ‘Friends’ Creators

    The cast of FRIENDS
    The cast of FRIENDS

    While many fans may just have assumed that Russ was played by David Schwimmer, the credits of the episode blows many fans’ minds away. The credits claim that Russ was played by someone named Snaro. This was sure to make keen-eyed fans curious about who this actor is, especially because of the uncanny similarities with David Schwimmer in terms of facial features, height, personality and over all posture. 

    Fans went into a frenzy looking for the look alike of David Schwimmer who may have played Russ. But to no avail. It was much after that the show creators revealed that Snaro was no-one else but Schwimmer himself. He played both Ross and Russ as fans had already assumed, until the creators pranked them with the credits.

    The creators revealed that Snaro is a tribute to one of Schwimmer’s friends, and also an alias he uses from time to time. A brilliant joke indeed! 

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