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“Got A New Rack”: Charlie Sheen’s Daughter Sami Sheen Flaunts Her Boob Job

Charlie Sheen’s daughter Sami Sheen has certainly been in the talks for her teen career and for speaking out about the things she went through as a teen.

The 19-year-old who made her debut on OnlyFans last year has now made a transformative decision about her body. Here are all the details.

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Sami Sheen’s Boob Job

Sami Sheen

The 19-year-old star kid announced on Instagram about her decision to take a knife to her body, revealing a boob job. Captioning it with “got a new rack today”, she also urged her followers to add her on snap where she will update every part of the process.

She also described the process as, “This sh.. felt like I drank a whole bottle of white wine it was heavenly,” on Snapchat.

Sheen has previously been in the talks for her career in OnlyFans- something her father didn’t approve of initially but later agreed to.

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How Did Fans React To Sami’s Surgery?

Most of the netizens disapproved of her decision to alter her body at such a young age. Many even called out her parents for letting her do surgeries on her body.

People also called out Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards for not being good parents.

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