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    “Horrible Person”: Why Did Stephen King Lash Out At Donald Trump?

    Stephen King is one of the most prolific writers of all time. The ‘King of horror’ has written more novels, short stories, and novellas than any of his contemporaries. He is also popular with filmmakers as several of his work have been adapted into films and television shows. But King is also a vocal critic of former President Donald Trump.

    In a recent interview, ‘The Shining‘ writer lashed out at Trump. In the past also, King has been critical of Trump’s policies and his erratic behavior. The comments come in the light of the brutal stabbing of writer Salman Rushdie. King, who is known for creating terrifying atmospheric stories, is also known to speak his mind.

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    Stephen King Calls Trump A ‘Horrible Person’

    Stephen King
    Stephen King

    Stephen King, who is known for his horror novels, has a clear view of the former President of the United States, Donald Trump.

    In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, King talked to ‘Pointless‘ presenter Richard Osman about Trump. He said, “I happen to think that Trump was a horrible president and is a horrible person.”

    The ‘Cujo‘ writer continued, “I think he actually engaged in criminal behavior and, certainly, I felt that he was a sociopath who tried to overturn the American democracy not out of any political wish of his own but because he could not admit that he had lost.”

    When asked about the rise of fascism and right-wing in the US, King said: “There is a strong right wing, a political right wing in America, and they have a megaphone in some of the media. They’re not fascists but they’re hard right-wingers. They’re certainly climate change deniers, so that is a real problem.”

    Stephen King Supports Salman Rushdie

    Stephen King
    Stephen King

    The writer has been a vocal supporter of novelist Salman Rushdie who was stabbed on Friday. He took to Twitter and wrote: “I hope Salman Rushdie is okay.”

    Two days later, the writer mentioned how the stabbing has been lingering in his mind. He tweeted, “I’m trying to cheer myself up this afternoon. What happened to Salman Rushdie preys on my mind.”

    Stephen’s 65th novel titled ‘Fairy Tale‘ will be out in September. Talking about the book, he said: “The idea was that I would do something that would make me happy and take me away from COVID and Trump, politics and everything else that I would fall into every day. Pretty much that’s what happened.”

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