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    How Did Betty White Die? Who Will Inherit Her Fortune?

    Everyone’s favorite on-screen grandmother, Betty White sadly passed away right before the new year. Starting from just an assistant at a local television station to a world-famous actress, Betty White was a respected personality. White was a multi-talented personality who excelled as an actress, author, television host, and comedian.

    Betty White is known to be the first woman to work behind and in front of the camera. Being turned down for not being photogenic, she started her career as a radio jockey. On the occasion of Betty’s 100th birthday, it was announced that a new documentary-style film about her, Betty White: A Celebration will be released. Sadly, the legend passed away before her 100th birthday.

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    Betty White: Cause Of Death

    Betty White
    Betty White

    The Golden Girl star, unfortunately, couldn’t celebrate her 100th birthday as she died a few weeks before January 17 on December 31,2022. After discovering her death in her apartment, Betty’s manager, Witjas released a statement saying, “I will miss her terribly and so will the animal world that she loved so much. I don’t think Betty ever feared passing because she always wanted to be with her most beloved husband Allen Ludden. She believed she would be with him again”. In a final tweet before her death Betty wrote, “My 100th birthday… I cannot believe it is coming up.”

    According to the reports, The Popular star Betty White died peacefully in her sleep. There were rumors that she died because of the booster shoot taken three days earlier. But, Witjas waved off the rumors saying Betty died of natural cause. He later added, “her death should not be politicized, that is not the life she lived”.

    Apart from her sensational performances, The First lady of television was also known for her unhealthy eating and drinking habits, which certainly contributed to her depreciating health. After Betty’s dead, Ryan Reynold shared an emotional post: “The world looks different now. She was great at defying expectations. She managed to grow very old and somehow, not old enough. We’ll miss you, Betty. Now you know the secret.”

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    Who Will Inherit Her Fortune?

    Betty White
    Betty White

    Starting as a radio personality in Los Angeles in the 1930s, Betty White then landed on the 80’s sitcom The Golden Girls. Her role as Rose Nylund made her widely popular, hence she became a household name. As her career took off, her fame and net worth also did. Her total net worth was estimated at around $75 million. Betty owned many lavish properties and also championed several animal charities.

    Betty White did not have any children of her own, she was the stepmother to Allen Ludden’s three children- David, Sarah, and Martha Ludden. However, she did not leave any of her fortunes for her step-children to inherit. It’s still a mystery, who will inherit Betty’s estate and properties. But it is suspected that she left a lot of her fortune for animal charities. It’s pretty clear she loved animals more than humans! As she spent half of her life advocating for them.

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