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    How Did Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Meet? When Did They Start Dating?

    Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are Hollywood’s power couple. They won people’s hearts with their charm and by posting snide comments on each other’s Instagram posts and tweets. The duo has been together for a decade now which in Hollywood is a major milestone. The rare couple has three kids and are extremely happy together.

    Before meeting the love of each other’s lives, Lively and Reynolds formerly had their fair share of dating history. Each dated more than five famous stars before seeing each other and tying the knot. The adorable couple fell in love with each other during one of the movies they starred in in 2011 and got married in 2012.

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    Where It All Started For Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds

    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds on the Red Carpet of the Met Gala
    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds on the red carpet of the Met Gala

    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds both starred in the movie ‘Green Lantern‘, which was released in 2011. They both saw each other as ‘buddies’ and would try to set up each other with their mutual friends. On one fated day, when they were on a double date with their own partners, they knew that the ‘sparks’ coming off of them were electric.

    The date was “most awkward for the respective parties”, explained Reynolds to US Weekly, because he and Lively were like “fireworks coming across.” The actress revealed in an interview that the best way to a happy marriage is to “start as friends.”

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    How Is It Going For The Adorable Couple?

    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

    From being adored by the people to having their kids’ names in the title of one of the leading singer Taylor Swift’s songs, the couple is receiving love from every corner. They have three kids- Inez, James and Betty.

    Reynolds humorously said in one interview that he thought he would never love anyone more than Lively but if there was any breaking in, he would use his wife’s body as a ‘human shield‘ to protect the kids. Blake Lively, also told Allure Magazine that she is ‘peaceful’ and ‘happier in life‘ more than ever.

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