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    How Much Money Was The Cast Of ‘Friends’ Paid Per Episode?

    ‘Friends’ is as appealing now as it was when it came out. Its timelessness can be attributed to people continuing to stream or tune in during the reruns. Its critical and commercial popularity has been a financial goldmine for the main cast of actors involved as they still reap the rewards.

    ‘Friends’ was on air for 10 wonderful seasons, taking us through the ups and downs of the Central Perk regulars. As soon as the show caught up with people, the principal cast’s salaries from the show skyrocketed. It was an unprecedented move on their part to demand the salary they demanded, but they were worth every penny.

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    How Much Did The Cast Of ‘Friends’ Make Per Episode?

    The cast of ‘Friends’ got a salary of $22,500 for each episode during the early seasons.

    The sitcom ‘Friends’ brought joy into our lives and made boatloads of money for the people involved with the show. When the audience caught up with the earlier season, and ratings blew the doors off the places, it became apparent that the principal cast would soon ask for more. They were everywhere, be it fancy photoshoots or appearing in your favorite movies. The ‘Friends’ gang was a global phenomenon.

    During the earlier season, the cast pocketed $22,500 for each episode. But as the show’s popularity soared, so did their demands. During the show’s ninth and tenth seasons, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, and Matt LeBlanc demanded equal pay, taking $1 million per episode.

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    How Much Do ‘Friends’ Stars Earn From Royalties Now?

    The primary cast of 'Friends' makes $20 million per year from residuals
    The primary cast of ‘Friends’ makes $20 million per year from residuals

    Thanks to its endless syndication, the cast of ‘Friends’ continue to make money years after the show’s end. The money from the residuals has kept the cheques coming in for 19 years for the primary cast. According to the 2015 USA Today report, the cast still earns nearly $20 million annually, 2% of the syndication earnings.

    According to The Second Angle, Jennifer Aniston’s net worth is $300 million, the highest among her ‘Friends co-stars. Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry are valued at $150 and $120 million, respectively, while David Schwimmer’s net worth is $100 million. Matt LeBlanc has the lowest net worth in the group, with $80 million.

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