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    How Naomi Campbell’s Drug Addiction In The 90s Led Her From Runway To Rehab

    With her long strides on the runway, Naomi Campbell is one of the most accomplished supermodels in history. But things did get out of hand for the style icon at one point in her life. As she was the epitome of her career in the 90s, the model got addicted to drugs. In AppleTV+’s new docu-series, Naomi opens up about her drug addiction.

    Being supermodels in the ’80s and ’90s, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, and Naomi Campbell were not just hair, makeup, and style. But they were a representation of the power women held. They come together in the four-part series ‘The Super Models’ to recount on how they redefined being a model. Their career and lives are also brought into discussion.

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    Naomi Campbell Talks About Her Drug Addiction

    Naomi Campbell
    Naomi Campbell

    It is in the latest series The Super Models that Naomi Campbell got candid about her drug use in the 90s. The runway icon turned to cocaine to cope with her childhood trauma and the death of her close friend, Italian designer Gianni Versace. She recalls how she had been “killing” herself. “I guess when I started using, that was one of the things I tried to cover up, was grief. Addiction is such a … bullsh*t thing, it really is,” Campbell admitted. 

    The celeb had turned to drugs with the hope that it would heal her wounds. “It doesn’t. It can cause such huge fear and anxiety. So I got really angry,” the model explained. Her abandonment issues are one reason that led to Campbell’s addiction. “There’s a lot of issues that I have from childhood,” she said. “Well, for instance, not knowing your father, not seeing your mother. That brings up a lot of — it manifests a lot of feelings,” Naomi shared in an interview with Barbara Walters in 2000. Anger, loneliness, and insecurity were all aftereffects of her childhood trauma.

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    Naomi Campbell Was Affected By Gianna Versace’s Death

    Naomi Campbell with Gianna Versace
    Naomi Campbell with Gianna Versace

    Gianni Versace’s murder outside his beach home in Miami in 1997 had also taken a toll on Naomi Campbell. The fashion icon had pushed the model to stride through her career with flying colors. “He would push me to step outside and go further when I didn’t think I had it within myself to do it. So when he died, my grief became very bad,” the mother of two explains.

    The British model checked into a rehab after she collapsed while on a photoshoot in 1999. The runway star battled addiction for five years. Opting for the rehab, Campbell recalls it to be ‘one of the best and only things’ she did for herself at that time. The model hasn’t fully healed but today she knows the tools for dealing with her issues.

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