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    Why Did Demi Lovato Start Doing Drugs At 13? Is The Singer Still Battling Addiction?

    Demi Lovato was born on August 20, 1992, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They started their career as a child actor and went on to become one of the most established singers. Demi starred in many Disney Television shows like ‘Barney & Friends‘, ‘As the Bell Rings,’, and then they even got a role in the movie ‘Camp Rock‘.

    Demi was recently a guest on Call Her Daddy podcast. During the conversation with the host Alexandra Cooper, they opened up about using drugs as soon as they became a teenager. The chapter is especially painful for them to recall as they even had a drug overdose episode in 2018.

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    How Did Demi Lovato Get Into Drugs?

    Demi Lovato told Alex that she got into a car accident when they were 13 years old, and it was their first step on the relatively steep slope of drug usage. “I started experimenting for the first time when I was 12, or 13, I got into a car accident and they prescribed me opiates,” they stated.

    The pop-punk star explained that they were a victim of bullying at that point, and did drugs as a part of an escape. They even revealed that they were “a lot” into alcohol as a teenager.

    My mom didn’t think she would have to lock up the opiates from her 13-year-old daughter but I was already drinking at that point,” Lovato said. “I had been bullied and was looking for an escape.”

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    Demi Lovato’s 2018 Near-Death Drug Overdose

    Stunning Demi Lovato
    Demi Lovato

    Demi tried cocaine for the first time when they were 17 and was completely hooked. “At 17, it was the first time I tried coke and, like, loved it too much and then kinda bled into me going to treatment right after I turned 18,” they revealed.

    Doing cocaine eventually landed them up in rehab. In 2018 they also suffered three strokes and a heart attack due to an overdose. This non-binary singer recently completed another stint at the rehab in January 2022. Apparently, they had to return to rehab because their “California sober” lifestyle in which she drank alcohol and smoked weed in moderation was not working anymore. “I no longer supported my ‘California sober’ ways” was the statement the ‘Sorry Not Sorry‘ singer made in December 2021.

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