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    “I Am Out Of The Athlete Stage”: Travis Kelce’s Ex-Girlfriend Kayla Nicole Declares She Is Done Dating Sportsmen

    Dating an athlete comes with glamour, games and grandeur but another thing on the list is drama. Kayla Nicole, another lover of players who shared five long years with Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce, finally decides to leave the game for good.

    The 32-year-old yoga influencer finally spills the tea the hunters with cell phones have been waiting for. Nicole opens up about the media attention on her and her previous relationships amidst the hottest romance in the arena.

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    Kayla Nicole’s Athlete Boyfriend Phase Is Over 

    Travis Kelce and Ex-Girlfriend Kayla Nicole at an NBA game date
    Travis Kelce and Ex-Girlfriend Kayla Nicole at an NBA game date

    In a recent appearance on the podcast ‘Behind the Likes’, Kayla Nicole declared that her athlete boyfriend phase is over. The Instagram star had a rollercoaster five-year romance with Chiefs’ Travis Kelce, which officially ended in 2022. Now, she reveals, “I fully, wholeheartedly believe that I am out of the athlete stage.” 

    For Kayla Nicole, the breakup seems to have fueled a revelation about her preferences. She admits being drawn to “men in positions of power,” and believes they are attracted to her.

    While Nicole is bidding adieu to athletes, she hasn’t lost her love for the game. She dreams of a date night “courtside at the Laker game” but with a different kind of guy. “I would love to date an executive of a record label or a movie producer,” she confesses, “so that we can go to the sporting events.” The athlete’s jersey may be retired, but the passion for sports still burns.

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    Break-Up With Travis Kelce Landed Nicole In Therapy 

    Kayla Nicole and Brittany Mahomes
    Kayla Nicole and Brittany Mahomes

    Nicole sat down to have a conversation with People last October, right after Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce made their love official. She disclosed turning to therapy to overcome the emotional aftermath of the traumatic break-up with the NFL star. Reflecting on the tough times, she shared, “I felt like sh– and I was sad, and I was having a hard time getting out of bed.” The therapy journey taught her the importance of mental well-being alongside physical fitness.

    Keeping a check on her mental well-being is important for Kayla as the life of an influencer isn’t all vacations and PR packages, especially for this particular yoga influencer who caught the eye of the online trolls. Fed up with the negativity, she announced, “You can’t DM me anymore because people just talk cr*zy.” In a bid to start anew, she’s taken a bold step – “comments off.” Nicole is all about protecting her peace and shutting out the noise.

    Addressing the curious case of unfollowing her once-close friend Brittany Mahomes on social media, Nicole clarified, “The reality is I know these people in real life.” While emphasizing the depth of real-life relationships, she asserted the need to protect herself publicly: “That’s really all that is. The love is still there.”

    The story of Kayla Nicole and Travis Kelce may have come to an end but it started another series of suit romance. For this fitness maven, it’s a new chapter of self-discovery, healing, and a quest for love that can enjoy the game with her off the field.

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