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    “I Don’t Do It Intentionally”: Millie Bobby Brown Responds To Criticism For Her Accent Switch

    Millie Bobby Brown has been in the limelight recently ahead of the release of her film ‘Damsel‘. The 20-year-old actress has made it big in a very short time span and at a very young age by starring in ‘Stranger Things’ at the initial stage of her career. She has also been in the limelight recently for her upcoming wedding and the extraordinary proposal by her boyfriend that she recently opened up about on a talk show.

    However, this time the actress is making headlines for her accent as fans recently noticed that she ditched her British accent and took up an American one while she promoted her upcoming film Damsel. Social media has been abuzz with criticism for her changed accent, but the actress has not shied away from addressing the scrutiny.

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    “I’m An Actor And I Adapt”: Millie Bobby Brown Reasons Her Change In Accent

    Millie Bobby Brown (Credit: Instagram )
    Millie Bobby Brown (Credit: Instagram )

    When asked about the sudden change in her accent during an interview with TikToker Max Balegde on Friday, Millie Bobby Brown explained that she cannot help switching accents because of being in both countries.

    Brown was raised in Bournemouth England. She moved to the United States when she was eight to pursue a career in acting after three years. After three years, she landed a role as Eleven in ‘Stranger Things’, which is an American Netflix series.

    She also said that what accent she takes depends on who she is around.  “Let me just speak to that real quick. I’m an actor. I grew up in the public eye. I grew up in America,” she said. “I come to set and I’m an actor and I adapt. And so I want to mimic people,” she said.

    The actress further explained that when she is around people like Jimmy Fallon or her fiance Jake Bongiovi, she feels the need to replicate their accents and vice versa. “Now that I’m in England, I want to replicate that,” she added.

    I don’t do it intentionally and I’m sorry if it offends you, but listen, I’m trying my best,” she said.

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    Fans Give Mixed Reactions To Brown’s Accent Change

    Millie Bobby Brown (Credit: Instagram)
    Millie Bobby Brown (Credit: Instagram)

    Brown’s interviewer Balegde, who is from a very small northern town in England, tried to comfort the actress as he validated her experience. He said that he has been a victim of something similar as he has attended colleges in different parts of the country.

    I was suddenly around certain people and my mom was like, who do you think you are, talking all posh? And I’m going to show her that clip and say, do you know what, Joanne? I’m trying my best,” Balegde said.

    Brown’s statement came after she was criticized online for speaking like a Rich Valley girl during her latest interview on the ‘Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’. “Her British accent is barely there anymore. I know she’s been in America for a long time now, but OMG, it used to be so strong,” a social media user wrote under the clip from the show on Instagram.

    It almost sounds like she’s doing an impersonation of an American accent throughout this interview,” another social media chimed in.

    However, some other netizens said that her ability to switch accents so seamlessly is noteworthy and should be applauded. Some also said that it was rather satisfying to listen to her do it. “I love it,” one fan gushed.

    Another chimed in, “It’s like watching Ross on Friends when he was trying to phase out his British accent,” one more said.

    The actress was also recently praised for her makeup-free look on ‘The Drew Barrymore Showas she goes on to navigate the social media scrutiny and praises. Fans are now awaiting the release of her upcoming film ‘Damsel‘.

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