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    “Stranger Things Have Happened”: Fans React To Millie Bobby Brown Crediting A Psychic For Her Feminist Awakening

    Millie Bobby Brown may be young for her age but she has reached heights that are unattainable for many. Through hard work and perseverance, the 19-year-old has set a name for herself in the industry, not just as an actress. But she is also a producer, beauty brand owner, and writer. However, the way the young star found out about her feminist awakening may be unconventional.

    The celeb has a different set of interests and wants to make things happen. The actress also talked about how she wants to say goodbye to ‘Stranger Things‘ and take up creating new stories which she is more passionate about. The ‘Enola Holmes’ star has a lot of things on her mind from long shooting days to going to find homes for orphaned animals and she trusts herself and keeps going. 

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    Google And Psychic? Millie Bobby Brown’s Feminist Awakening

    Millie Bobby Brown
    Millie Bobby Brown

    In a conversation with Glamour, Millie Bobby Brown opens up about her unconventional way of realizing that she is a feminist. The teenage actress credits her feminist awakening to a psychic. Hearing that she is a feminist the actress had come home and googled, “How do I know if I’m a feminist?” Reading books and articles further, the star had further understood the idea of feminism and what it meant to her.

    Grasping the idea of women empowerment, the teenage star turned her production company into a place to tell stories about ‘what girls and women can be‘. The upcoming film from the production company PCMA Films is ‘Damsel‘ which stars Millie as a dragon-fighting princess. Angela Bassett and Robin Wright are part of the film. 

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    Netizens Have Hilarious Reactions to Millie Bobby Brown’s Feminist Awakening

    Millie Bobby Brown
    Millie Bobby Brown in ‘Stranger Things

    Millie Bobby Brown has based her feminist awakening on psychic revelations and Google searches as the internet cracking. The actress, however, has done her research and read much on the topic to get in-depth knowledge. Many did miss that part. But involving a psychic to support women around the world has really amused the internet.

    Credit her show ‘Stranger Things’, one user commented that this is a “stranger things have happened”.

    Others had a more encouraging stance, pointing out that the 19-year-old was just confused but had the right spirit.

    Another netizen compared the ‘Enola Holmes’ actress to modern-day Elizabeth Perkins.

    Many mocked the psychic vision that claimed the star to be a feminist.

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    Naveena Prasad M
    Naveena Prasad M
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