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    “I Think It’s Very Timely”: J. Smith-Cameron Sparks Hope About A ‘Succession’ Spin-Off

    Directed by Jesse Armstrong, ‘Succession‘ is an American satirical black comedy-drama television series. The HBO show has received critical acclaim along with three Golden Globe awards and four Emmy awards. With a big fan following, fans are curious about a spin-off series of the show. 

    However, all the actors of the series have turned down the idea of a spin-off series along with creator Jesse Armstrong. However, J. Smith-Cameron, who played Gerri Kellman in the show, has hinted at a potential spin-off series. It has been only a year since the show aired its finale episode but Smith-Cameron does not feel it is too early for a comeback. Here’s what he said.  

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    J.Smith-Cameron Hints At ‘Succession’ Spin-off

    J. Smith Cameron
    J. Smith Cameron

    The ‘True Blood’ star, J. Smith Cameron, spoke to Us Weekly about her thoughts on a spin-off of ‘Succession‘. Previously, creator Jesse Armstrong had also turned down the idea of a spin-off series. However, J.Smith-Cameron feels it is the right time for a come back.

     “I think that she’s thriving with her new partnership with Tom and Lukas [Mattson],” Smith-Cameron said, referring to the season finale where Tom Wambsgans became the new CEO of WayStar Royco and hired Gerri as part of his team.

    “I used to have this theory that Logan, the minute he made a favorite anyone, whether [it] was Kendall or Shiv or Roman or Jerry or Frank, they immediately got shifted into the doghouse in some way because he didn’t want anyone to take over,” she explained.

    Smith-Cameron explained why not dealing with the Roy hierarchy would suit her character Gerri Kellman the best.  “And so I feel like without having to deal with the Roy hierarchy, she’s probably thriving…I think she likes not having the target on her back…I think she likes being the power behind the throne kind of thing,” Smith-Cameron said. 

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    J.Smith-Cameron Thinks It’s A Good Time For A Spin-Off

    J. Smith Cameron in 'Succession'
    J. Smith Cameron in ‘Succession’

    While speaking to US Weekly, the 66-year-old actress also said, “I think it’s very timely. I don’t know if Jesse and his colleagues are up to it yet, or if they ever will be.” She went on to say that given that there are a lot of political topics to cover right now, it might be the best time for a spin-off.

    “I think it’s a great idea because if you just look [at] what’s going on right now in our country and really globally, there’s a lot of the things that were happening in the last couple seasons with politics and journalism and fake news and abuse of power and all of that. It’s extremely pertinent,” she added.

    However, it’s best not to have high hopes because Jesse Armstrong recently admitted to BBC that a spin-off is highly unlikely. 

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