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    “I Wanna Thank All The Evil Gays”: Jennifer Coolidge Gets In ‘The White Lotus’ Character For Outstanding Supporting Actress Speech At Emmy Awards

    The awards season has begun and some shows and movies have suddenly gained prominence as they made their way into the nominations. One such show is The White Lotuswhich largely dominated the nominations during the Golden Globes as well as the Critics Choice Awards.

    At the Emmy Awards on Monday, Jennifer Coolidge won the title of Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her role in ‘The White Lotus’. The category had tough competition from acclaimed actresses like Elizabeth Debicki, J. Smith-Cameron, and Rhea Seehorn as other nominees. What added more flavor to Coolidge’s win was her acceptance speech, wherein she thanked “evil gays” for the victory.

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    Jennifer Coolidge Adds Tinge Of Humor To Her Emmy Acceptance Speech

    Jennifer Coolidge (Image: Getty)

    62-year-old Jennifer Coolidge brought home an Emmy for ‘The White Lotus‘ during the 75th annual Emmy Awards on Monday. Known for her comedic brilliance, the actress added her signature humor to her Emmys acceptance speech.

    After thanking the producers and everyone who supported her, the actress said, “I wanna thank all the evil gays,” referencing a viral moment from her show character Tanya McQuoid, before being playfully nudged offstage.

    Mike White’s ‘The White Lotus‘ has gained acclaim since its HBO debut in 2021, with both Season 1 and 2 casts earning awards and nominations at major award ceremonies. Coolidge was an instant breakout and fan favorite for her role as Tanya.

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    Coolidge’s Character On ‘The White Lotus’ Has Gained Her Many Accolades

    Jennifer Coolidge in ‘The White Lotus’ (Image: Getty)

    Coolidge clinched a Golden Globe Award, two Critics’ Choice Television Awards, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards this season for the role. However, her character’s run on the show was not long. Her death in the Season 2 finale surprised many fans, but Coolidge believed it was a necessary plot twist. In her own words, “Mike was looking for a big Italian opera ending, and it was big and dramatic.”

    The White Lotushas been renewed for a third season and fans are anticipating newer twists, turns, and hopefully more of Coolidge’s comedic brilliance — if at all the showmakers bring her back somehow.

    Some other celebrities that hogged the limelight during the Emmys include Elizabeth Debicki for The Crown’, J. Smith-Cameron for her portrayal of Gerri Kellman in ‘Succession‘ and Meghann Fahy for ‘The White Lotus’ among others.

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