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    “I Wanted A Little More Generosity”: Chloë Sevigny Reveals She Found It “Challenging” To Deal With Co-Star Christian Bale’s Method Acting In ‘American Psycho’

    Christian Bale is known for his exceptional method acting. The man seamlessly transforms himself into whatever his projects require him to do. However, it might not be always the best for people who work with him.

    Bale’s ‘American Psycho‘ co-star Chloë Sevigny recently opened up about how she found it difficult to act with him because of his dedicated method acting approach. The actress asserted that it turned out to be more challenging than she had anticipated. Here’s what she said.

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    Chloë Sevigny Admits She Was Intimidated By Christian Bale

    Still from 'American Psycho'
    Still from ‘American Psycho’

    Chloë Sevigny was speaking during an interview with Vanity Fair when she revealed the difficulties she faced while trying to connect with Bale’s intense dedication to his craft. “I was trying to respect his process, which I found challenging because I’m very gregarious and silly and goofy, unbeknownst to the general public,” Sevigny said.

    When people take themselves so seriously, I kind of shut down, even though I take my work very seriously and I love acting and whatnot,” she said. Sevigny further admitted that Bale’s method left her feeling “really intimidated“.

    I wanted a little more generosity to make myself feel more at ease, which is my own ego. It was a really challenging dynamic for me, but I don’t think that I thought he was bad. I was just kind of confused, like, ‘Why aren’t you being social?'” she said.

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    Josh Lucas Remembers Thinking “Christian Bale Was Terrible” When They First Worked Together

    Still from 'American Psycho'
    Still from ‘American Psycho’

    Chloë Sevigny also opened up about her difficulties with Christian Bale with her another co-star Josh Lucas. Lucas played one of Bale’s character Patrick Bateman’s colleagues in ‘American Psycho‘.

    After Sevigny told Lucas about her struggles, he also admitted to have initially misjudged Bale’s performance. “I don’t know if you felt this way, but I actually truly remember thinking that Christian Bale was terrible,” Lucas said, laughing.

    I remember the first scene I did with him, I watched him and he seemed so false — and I now realize that it was this just f–ing brilliant choice that he was making,” he added. He also noted the difference between effective Method actors like Bale and those who use the technique as an excuse for bad behavior.

    Here’s a really weird bridge, as you know, between bad Method actors — who I find really, really terrible to work with — and the ones like Christian,” Lucas said. “[Christian’s] not paying attention to f—ing anything else but what he’s doing. I have nothing but admiration for that,” he added.

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