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    “I Was Quite Cross With Him”: Lily Allen Reveals Why She Resented Elton John For A Long Time

    Lily Allen left many surprised when she recently opened up about a long-held resentment towards musician Elton John. Allen revealed that she was being managed by a company owned by John and David Furnish and knew both of them closely at one point in her career.

    Though she thoroughly enjoyed her time with the team after first getting introduced to them, her relationship with John changed after a visit to his home in the South of France. Here’s what went wrong during the visit.

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    Lily Allen Recalls Being Very Close To Elton John Initially

    Lily Allen and Elton John
    Lily Allen and Elton John

    Lily Allen was recently speaking during an episode of her podcast, ‘Miss Me?’ when she opened up about a grudge she held against singer Elton John for the longest time. Elaborating on the reason behind it, Allen recalled how after spending some good time with John initially, she was met with heavy disappointment.

    The actress and writer revealed that she enjoyed her time with Elton John being a part of the team managed by the same person. “I’d always sit next to him and he’d make me feel really special,” she said of John during the interview.

    He would call me like once every couple of weeks to check in and say ‘Hi’ and make sure that I was OK,” she added. However, Allen said the relationship went a bit south when she was sent to his house in the South of France “to go and relax and dry out a little bit because I was perhaps not living very healthily at the time.”

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    Lily Allen Reveals What Went Wrong With Her And Elton John After Her Visit To His Home

    Elton John and Lily Allen
    Elton John and Lily Allen

    Talking more about what changed between the two after the visit, Lily Allen recalled the time when she was feeling particularly sad about parting ways with Elton John after the release of her third album, ‘Sheezus’. Feeling vulnerable, she decided to write him a heartfelt letter.

    And I wrote this long letter to Elton to say how sad I was about the situation and that I was particularly sad because he didn’t call me anymore and I didn’t get my bi-monthly phone call from Elton checking in and there was this big Elton-shaped hole in my life,” she said.

    However, John never replied to her, leading Allen to feel extremely hurt and resentful towards him. “I held much resentment for the fact that I’d made myself very vulnerable in this letter and told him all about my sobriety, and he’s a sober person, Elton, so I thought that he would’ve responded to this letter,” she said.

    However, the situation took an unexpected turn when Allen found that she never sent the letter while unpacking her stuff after moving to the US. It is then that she realized that the resentment was baseless with no fault of John Elton’s.

    “It felt so out of character, which is why I was so upset…. I poured my heart out and I told him that I wanted to get clean. Anyway, Elton if you’re listening, which you’re probably not, I love you and I no longer harbour that resentment towards you,” she said, referring to the singer.

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