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    “If I Were President…”: Travis Kelce Reveals His Whimsical Presidential Ambitions In A TikTok Video Shot At The White House

    Travis Kelce‘s popularity is seemingly at an all-time high since he started dating Taylor Swift. However, the pop sensation is not the only reason that his fan following is growing exponentially by the day. Kelce has already conquered the NFL ground, and he is now venturing into the world of television, making his debut on-screen with a reality show as well as Ryan Murphy’s TV show ‘Grotesquerie.

    But that’s not all. Kelce’s social circle is also expanding with impressive additions, including President Joe Biden himself, who recently called him up on the dais during a recent event. As if that put some thoughts in his mind, the Chiefs tight end has revealed what he would do if he were to become the President of the United States.

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    Travis Kelce Has Some Whimsical Plans To Execute If And When He Becomes The President

    Travis Kelce
    Travis Kelce

    Travis Kelce took center stage in a new Kansas City Chiefs TikTok video on Monday, as he revealed his presidential ambitions during the team’s celebratory visit to the White House on May 31. The NFL star was speaking in the video shot at the event organized to honor his team’s Super Bowl LVIII win.

    Sharing his rather whimsical plans in the video, Kelce said, “If I were President, I’d use Air Force One to take the team to Hawaii,” referring to the presidential aircraft. When asked who would join him, he said, “The Squad. Hopefully, we can all fit. I think we could all fit on there.”

    His teammate, 23-year-old George Karlaftis, also chimed in on his hypothetical presidential plans. “My family’s over in Greece, man, you know, half my family,” Karlaftis said. “So I’d fly them over and just enjoy the White House. Maybe run around; they have a golf course out there.”

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    President Joe Biden Called Travis Kelce To Speak At The Podium After Last Year’s Fiasco

    Patrick Mahomes, Joe Biden and Travis Kelce
    Patrick Mahomes, Joe Biden and Travis Kelce

    The video came shortly after Chiefs’ second consecutive trip to the White House. This time during the visit, Travis Kelce bagged the opportunity to step up to the presidential podium while also recalling his viral moment from their 2023 visit when he tried to speak after presenting President Joe Biden with a Chiefs jersey.

    But this time, the case was different. President Biden himself invited Kelce to speak on the podium, but with a caution. “I’d have Travis come up here, but God only knows what he’d say,” the 81-year-old President joked. “Travis, come here, it’s all yours, pal.”

    Kelce was his usual charming self behind the mic, as he said, “My fellow Americans, it’s nice to see you all yet again. I’m not going to lie. President Biden, they told me if I came up here, I’d get tased. I’m going to go back to my spot, all right?”

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