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    Travis Kelce Says He Would “Do Anything” Once He Is Cast In A Hollywood Movie

    Travis Kelce‘s popularity has skyrocketed over the last few months not just in terms of the NFL but also as Taylor Swift’s boyfriend and a constant presence in the contemporary media. While he has already conquered the football field with his exceptional talent, Travis Kelce has also stepped into the world of glamour and glitz.

    Kelce recently got multiple projects as an actor as well as a live TV show hits, and he has notably said that he has never been happier with the career prospects he currently has lined up for himself. Amid all the fame coming his way, Travis Kelce has recently clarified that he is up for doing anything on screen once he gets featured in a film.

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    Travis Kelce Trashes Rumors About Him Being Part Of A Film, But Leaves Fans Intrigued

    Travis Kelce
    Travis Kelce

    From Super Bowl rings to Academy Awards, Travis Kelce has conquered it all. Dreaming even bigger, the star is setting his sights on Hollywood. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end revealed he’s pursuing movie deals after working with Niecy Nash on Ryan Murphy’s upcoming TV show, ‘Grotesquerie‘.

    On Wednesday’s episode of his New Heights‘ podcast with his brother, Jason Kelce, Travis addressed a rumor suggesting he landed a role in the ‘Happy Gilmore‘ sequel. “Other than the movie is getting made, and I’m looking for movie deals — that’s about all they got (right),” Travis said while speaking on the podcast.

    He said he “didn’t even know there was a job opening” for the sequel, but also clarified that he is eager to be involved in any capacity in any films. “Count me in! Obviously, been a huge fan of the Sandman, but yes this is exactly what it says it is –– a conspiracy theory,” he said.

    The 36-year-old star also clarified that he is a bit disappointed by the lack of truth in the rumor. But he also acknowledged there was “no evidence to support” it. To tease his fans, Travis contended that he could be in talks for a role without anyone knowing.

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    Travis Kelce Says He Ready To Go All The Way After He Gets Cast In A Film

    Travis Kelce
    Travis Kelce

    Travis and Jason Kelce made their podcast more interesting after the tight end’s statement, as they speculated on potential roles Travis could play in the original blockbuster. Travis jokingly suggested he could fill Bob Barker’s shoes, referring to his new upcoming show ‘Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?that he is set to host.

    Jason quickly disagreed, “Oh, you’re not Bob Barker. Let’s be honest.” Travis also agreed reluctantly but reaffirmed he would “do anything in the movie” and “be a part of it any way I possibly can.”

    The discussion then shifted to praising Sandler’s films, with Jason likening Travis to Sandler’s character in ‘The Wedding Singer‘. Fans also took to social media, while some also speculated that Travis could be hinting at his future plans to marry his girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

    The couple, officially dating since last July, has fans eagerly anticipating an engagement announcement.

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