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    “I’m Gonna Blow Mackie Up”: Chris Evans Explains Why Anthony Mackie Beat Sebastian Stan In Last Year’s Friendship Texting Contest

    Chris Evans gave some insight on why Anthony Mackie came out victorious in last year’s friendship texting contest. It all happened when both Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie were asked to text Chris Evans at the same time to see who he was going to get the first reply. The whole point of this contest was that the one who got the first reply was a much better friend of Evans than the other and Mackie came first.

    Both Sebastian and Anthony are close friends of Chris Evans. All of them are a part of MCU, Stan plays the Winter Soldier, Mackie plays Falcon and Chris Evans played Captain America. They have shared the screen together in a lot of Marvel movies from where their friendship officially started. The trio last shared a screen in ‘Avengers: Endgame’.

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    Chris Evans Reveals Why Did He Reply To Mackie’s Text First

    Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie
    Chris Evans said what really happened

    In March 2021, Stan and Mackie spoke with Josh Horowitz on the Comedy Central YouTube show ‘Stir Crazy’. Where both of them were asked to text Evans to see who among them is his better friend. Evans replied to Mackie’s text first and a few seconds later he replied to Stan. In another interview with MTV News when Horowitz probed the Captain America actor regarding the matter. Finally, he ended up explaining what really happened and how Mackie won the contest.

    Evans said, “All right, so I got both texts immediately, and I’m gonna be honest. I’m gonna blow Mackie up right now. He said in his text, ‘Don’t text Sebastian, text me first.’ But you know, I mean the truth is I would’ve texted them both back instantly.”

    He further continued, “They’re both dear friends of mine. I love them with all my heart. So, you know, Mackie knew what he was doing. [Mackie] did get the text out first, Seb was right behind him. So just for the sake of who got it in first, I had to send it back to Mackie.”

    Captain America’s Insight Solves It All

    Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie
    Chris Evans says both are his dear friends and he will always reply to them

    In the original video of the contest, both Mackie and Stan claimed that they sent Evans “I love you”. But Stan got the reply from Evans stating that Mackie just “beat him by a second” which made him very confused.

    Following the confession by the ‘Fantastic Four’ actor, it is very clear what really happened that Stan got such a reply. Mackie’s text to him was more directly related to the contest which was kept completely hush hush. Chris Evans also clarified that how both are his good friends and he’ll always reply to them instantly no matter what.

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