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    “I’m Scared Of What Happens To You Next”: Jodie Foster Recalls Having A Talk With Robert Downey Jr. About His Drug Problem In 1995

    Jodie Foster recently revealed that she was concerned about Robert Downey Jr.‘s drug problem and his indiscipline while she was directing him in the 1995 Thanksgiving comedy ‘Home for the Holidays. In an interview with Esquire magazine as part of its Robert Downey Jr. cover story, Foster recalled how she had to take him aside from the set and have a talk with him about his drug problem.

    Despite RDJ’s genius, Foster observed that his creativity was overshadowed by his personal struggles. She acknowledged his immense talent but also noted his lack of discipline at the time.

    Look, I couldn’t be more grateful for what you’ve given in this film. But I’m scared of what happens to you next. Right now you are incredibly good at balancing on the barstool. But it’s really precarious, and I’m not sure how that’s going to end,” she recalled telling RDJ at the time, as she spoke during the interview.

    What was so interesting about him then was what a genius he was—there was more creativity in his little finger than I will ever have in my whole life—but he did not have the discipline,” Foster continued. “He was so out there that all of that wonderful talent was kind of just, like, flailing his arms in the water and making a big mess,” she said.

    But it was in there somewhere, right? Because now he is somebody who’s become disciplined almost as a way of surviving,” she noted, acknowledging the outstanding transformation that the ‘Ironman‘ star has gone through.

    Foster said she maintained faith in Downey’s ability to change, and wished him immense personal growth. She recognized his potential and believed in his capacity to overcome both his personal and legal challenges at the time.

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    Robert Downey Jr.’s Drug Addiction Had Badly Damaged His Image In Hollywood

    Robert Downey Jr. (Credit: X)
    Robert Downey Jr. (Credit: X)

    Jodie Foster’s second directorial project, ‘Home for the Holidays’ starred Downey in the role of the younger brother of Holly Hunter’s character, Claudia Larson. The film’s story revolved around a dysfunctional family gathering for Thanksgiving. The ensemble cast also included Anne Bancroft, Dylan McDermott, and Claire Danes.

    Right after the film’s release, Downey was also caught in legal troubles and soon became a controversial figure in Hollywood. Even Christopher Nolan has admitted to feeling apprehensive about meeting him during casting for ‘Batman Begins’, because of the industry’s perception of Downey at the time. However, he has now been vocal about what a great artist he believes RDJ is.

    Securing his iconic role of Tony Stark in Marvel Cinematic Universe was also a challenge for the star because of his troubled history. Former Marvel Studios’ president David Maisel faced skepticism from the board regarding Downey’s suitability for the role, but he vouched for Downey’s talent and potential for transformation at the time.

    Eventually, Downey emerged highly victorious with his resilience and commitment to sobriety. His remarkable career resurgence, which was also recently adorned with an Oscar win, has earned him widespread acclaim for the multiple roles he has outdone himself with.

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