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    “I’m Still Reprocessing My Relationship To It”: Ariana Grande Finally Addresses ‘Quiet On Set’ Sexual Assault Allegations

    The recently released documentary ‘Quiet On Set’ revealed quite a few uncomfortable truths about things that happened behind cameras at Nickelodeon and the abuse that the young actors went through, especially under Dan Schneider. Though many actors have commented on the allegations, many have also stayed quiet, including Ariana Grande. But not anymore.

    Grande has spoken up about what her time on Nickelodeon was like and how she feels about the allegations on Schneider and everything that was exposed in ‘Quiet On Set’. Here’s what she said.

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    Ariana Grande Opens Up On Her Nickelodeon Experience

    Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande

    The ‘Boy Is Mine’ singer opened with how it felt to be a part of the series, saying, “We were young performers who just wanted to do this with our lives more than anything, and we got to and that was so beautiful. I think we had some very special memories, and we feel so privileged to have been able to create those roles and be a part of something that was so special for a lot of young kids.”

    She then added that as she is reflecting on her time on the set, her “relationship to it has and is currently and has been changing and I’m reprocessing a lot of what the experience was like.”

    Grande also added that such drastic life changes can alter a child’s lives in ways more than one and should be paid closer attention to. She added that “there should be an element that is mandatory of therapy, of a professional person to unpack what this experience of your life-changing so drastically does to you at a young age, at any age.”

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    Ariana Grande Talks About ‘Quiet On Set’ Allegations

    Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande in her Nickelodeon days

    Though she didn’t explicitly mention Dan Schneider, Ariana Grande acknowledged the safety and concerns behind child actors working in an organization like Nickelodeon. She begins by saying working environment “needs to be made safer if kids are going to be acting” and “there should be therapists.”

    “I think parents should allowed to be wherever they want to be, and I think not only on kids’ sets. I think if anyone wants to do this, or music, or anything at this level of exposure, there should be in the contract something about therapy is mandatory twice a week or thrice a week, or something like that,” she said.

    “I think the environment just needs to be made a lot safer all around, and like I said, I’m still in real time reprocessing my relationship to it,” the singer added.

    The documentary Quiet On Set, available to stream on Prime Video, further reveals several behind the scene truths about what the actors went through on set.

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