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    Ariana Grande Releases Music Video For ‘Boy Is Mine’ Starring Penn Badgley

    Ariana Grande has finally released the much-awaited music video for the third single of her album ‘Eternal Sunshine’ starring Penn Badgley in a role many are discussing is possibly a reference to her boyfriend Ethan Slater.

    The song, ‘The Boy Is Mine’ is also speculated to be about Slater as they navigate through their relationship after her divorce from Dalton Gomez. Here’s what the music video is about and how it references Ethan Slater.

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    Ariana Grande’s ‘The Boy Is Mine’

    Ariana Grande and Penn Badgley in 'The Boy Is Mine' music video
    Ariana Grande and Penn Badgley in ‘The Boy Is Mine’ music video

    The music video features ‘You’ star Penn Badgley who is getting stalked by Ariana Grande. Badgley plays the mayor of a city making an effort to eradicate the rats by gathering up all of the neighborhood cats and unleashing them. Grande portrays a city dweller who is obsessed over Badgley and creates a love potion to win his heart.

    Later on, Grande can be seen dressing up as Catwoman and walking through the city to go to Max’s place. She makes a circular hole in his window with her cat claws and sneaks in. Badgley attempts to flee when he sees her on his bed, but she catches him by the leg with her whip and tries to make him drink her love potion. Rather, he smashes the potion on the wall, takes off her Catwoman mask, and falls for her without even taking the potion. In the final seconds, we see the two of them living a happily ever after in an apartment with many cats.

    The video, like all of Grande’s previous work is being praised for it’s stellar direction and acting. Moreover, the video also features Brandy and Monica, who are the original singers of the 1998 hit called ‘The Boy Is Mine’ that is being sampled in Grande’s version.

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    ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Inspiration

    Ethan Slater and Ariana Grande
    Ethan Slater and Ariana Grande

    The song is obviously a dedication towards Ethan Slater who Grande has been seeing since months after her divorce with Gomez. Initially, the couple went through an intense social media hate train as people started accusing Slater of leaving his wife for Grande.

    Further on, sources added that Grande was friends with the Slaters long before the affair started. One source directly confirmed, “Lilly hung out with Ethan and Ariana so many times. Ariana met their baby and even held him. They had dinners together in London – and Ariana told Lilly that she wanted to have a baby one day and that she couldn’t wait to start a family.”

    As of now, after the release of ‘Eternal Sunshine’ fans have grown more fond of the couple after Ariana cleared the speculations and addressed her divorce. Of recent, they were both seen attending Slater’s performance in Spamalot.

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