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    Is Taylor Swift Developing A TV Show?

    Miss America can really do it well. From being a music video director, songwriter, and singer to actress and cat mommy, Taylor Swift‘s next venture could be as a TV show maker.

    According to recent speculations, Swift might be developing a TV show with ‘Succession‘ maker Alice Birch. What’s the show going to be about? Read on to know more.

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    Taylor Swift To Make Her TV Show Debut?

    The project will see the collaboration of Alice Birch and Taylor Swift

    Following the release of her own music videos for the songs ‘ME!’, ‘The Man’, ‘Cardigan’, ‘Willow’, and ‘Anti-Hero’, Taylor Swift declared that she wanted to helm her first full-length movie from a screenplay she created. This also occurs after ‘All Too Well‘, her debut short film, managed to spark Oscar buzz. The celebrated playwright and ‘Succession‘ author, Alice Birch, has teamed up with Swift for the project.

    The show is said to be a ‘meta-feminist’ show. Swift is interested in working with Birch because of her time on HBO’s hit show ‘Succession‘. Specifically the way she developed the character of Shiv Roy, the only daughter in the main family in the program.

    “Alice is an ideal writing partner as she helped shape Succession character Shiv Roy. seeing how she moulded this character, who existed in a male-dominated environment, caught Taylor’s eye,” said an insider to The Sun.

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    What Will The Show Be About?

    Taylor Swift is reportedly developing a TV show

    Well, the show probably will draw inspiration from Taylor Swift’s own love life. She is frequently known for being someone who usually turns her heartbreaks into lessons in the form of bop songs. The insider further continues and says: “This translates easily on to the screen and there are so many threads they can take from it. It is really exciting and something Taylor is looking to branch out into.”

    Last year Swift revealed that she might direct her first-ever feature film very soon! The company behind ‘Nomadland‘ and ‘The Shape of Water‘, Searchlight Pictures, will direct the project. There’s a lot of anticipation about the show. Even though there’s no information about the actors or the plot so far.

    Swift is infamous for keeping her projects under wraps; albums like ‘Folklore‘ and ‘Midnights‘ are proof of that. The singer was even referred to by Searchlight presidents David Greenbaum and Matthew Greenfield as “a once in a generation artist and storyteller.”

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