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    “It Makes Me Feel Old”: Elizabeth Olsen Reacts To Being Called ‘Internet’s Mom’

    Elizabeth Olsen has accumulated a huge fanbase for herself for her flawless performances on screen. She is mainly known for her appearance as Wanda Maximoff in the MCU franchise since 2014.

    But the 34-year-old has been in the spotlight for some time for a specific reason. She has been given the title of ‘internet mom’ and it happened after presenting an award at the Oscars 2023 with Pedro Pascal, who is known as the ‘internet’s daddy.’

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    Elizabeth Olsen Reacted To The Title Of ‘Internet Mom’

    Elizabeth Olsen said that the title makes her feel old

    Elizabeth Olsen walked the red carpet on April 26, 2023, for the premiere of her new drama series, ‘Love & Death’, at the Directors Guild of America theater in Los Angeles. While speaking to Deidre Behar of ET, Olsen decided to address the title that has been given to her.

    The ‘WandaVision’ star stated that she has failed to understand the reason for the same. She added: “My friends have tried to explain to me that it’s, like, a good thing? I don’t know.”

    The actress said that mothers are great but the title that the internet has given her has made her feel like she is old. She continued, “Because I think the people that are saying it must be young? Like, I’m not sure how I feel about it.”

    Elizabeth Olsen had a few good words to speak for Pedro Pascal, saying that she feels happy for being able to stand alongside him. She further stated: “I would love to work with Pedro. We’ve been friends for a long time.”

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    Elizabeth Olsen’s ‘Love & Death’: Release Date, Plot, Cast

    ‘Love & Death’ is now airing on HBO Max

    Written by David E. Kelley and directed by Lesli Linka Glatter, ‘Love & Death’ premiered on April 27, 2023. Three episodes have aired so far and the rest of the episodes shall be released weekly with the show concluding on May 25, 2023.

    The main premise is inspired by the real story of popular homemaker Candy Montgomery from Wylie, Texas. Montgomery was charged with killing her lover’s wife, Betty Gore. The incident happened in June 1980.

    Elizabeth Olsen plays the lead role of Candy. The rest of the roles are portrayed by Jesse Plemons, Lily Rabe, Patrick Fugit, Krysten Ritter, Tom Pelphrey, Elizabeth Marvel, and Keir Gilchrist.

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