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    “It Means The World”: Taylor Swift Reveals Her Family Connection To Singapore During Her ‘Eras Tour’ Performance

    Taylor Swifts first concert in Singapore was an absolute success as thousands of fans showed up for the mega star’s concert, making it the perfect opening night for Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ concert.

    Playing her extensive playlist, while also interacting with the audience in between, the ‘Cruel Summer‘ singer also revealed why she has such a sweet connection with the Asian city.

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    Taylor Swift In Singapore

    Taylor Swift at the Eras Tour (Credits: GETTY)
    Taylor Swift at the Eras Tour (Credits: GETTY)

    Though the ASEAN country managed to spike up a deal with Taylor Swift to be the only ASEAN country to host her, the million-dollar deal seems worth it as thousands of people, from different Asian countries, showed up for night 1 of the Eras Tour Singapore.

    Showing up in her iconic yellow dress for the surprise songs set, Swift played a mashup of ‘Mine’ and ‘Starlight’, and another one of ‘I Don’t wanna live forever’ and ‘Dress’. Apart from that, she also had another very special surprise for her fans- which was later adjourned due to reasons unknown.

    While interacting with fans in between songs, the singer also revealed a few special reasons why being in Singapore is as special as it is. And it has everything to do with her mother. Here’s how.

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    Here’s Why Taylor Loves Singapore

    Taylor Swift and Andrea Swift (Credits: GETTY)
    Taylor Swift and Andrea Swift (Credits: GETTY)

    Taking some talking breaks in between her songs, Taylor also opened up on why Singapore is special to her, something which was related to her mother, Andrea Swift.

    “My mom actually spent a lot of her childhood with her mom and dad and sister growing up in Singapore,” Taylor said, “So a lot of the time when we’d come here on tour, my mom would take me and drive me past her old house, where she used to go to school. So I’ve been hearing about Singapore my whole life.” 

    She further added, “To get to come here and play a show this big with so many beautiful, generous people who are essentially honoring my family with what you just did with that song, it means the world. I already love you. We’re going to have a blast tonight.”

    Swift is in the country for five more shows, after which she will resume her European leg of the tour again.

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