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    “It Was My Last Shot”: James Lafferty Was About To Quit Acting If ‘One Tree Hill’ Didn’t Happen

    Getting a break in Hollywood is as difficult as it sounds. Although many youngsters have the dream of becoming a big movie star, very few get their big break in Hollywood. James Lafferty was one of them. He was almost ready to give up his passion for acting if it wasn’t for him landing his role in ‘One Tree Hill’

    Lafferty talked about his audition process and much more. He played the character of Nathan Scott in the series which earned him a lot of praise and recognition. Lafferty has since worked in various movies and series that include ‘Crisis’, ‘Waffle Street’, ‘Underground’ and ‘The Royals’. ‘One Tree Hill’ is one of his most notable works for which he also received four Teen Choice Award nominations. 

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    James Lafferty Talks About His Acting Journey

    James Lafferty
    James Lafferty

    The One Tree Hill’ star has been a child actor since the age of 10. Lafferty has always found his passion in acting from a very young age. “For me it was sort of the culmination of my entire childhood in the acting game,” he told People. “I started when I was really young and I was auditioning by the time I was 10 and working my way up through smaller roles to get the opportunity to do something like this.

    Lafferty revealed that he got his inspiration from seeing photos of the cast of Dawson’s Creek displayed on the walls of Warner Bros office. Lafferty wanted to see himself up there too. Lafferty then talks about his audition for the CW show. “When I got the audition for One Tree Hill — when I got the script it was originally called Ravens — and the role was a basketball player and he had an edge to him,” Lafferty recalled. “And it was just an opportunity to do all these things that I would’ve just absolutely loved to do at that time in my life.”

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    ‘One Tree Hill’ Was James Lafferty’s Last Shot At An Acting Career

    James Lafferty in 'One Tree Hill'
    James Lafferty in ‘One Tree Hill’

    The 38-year-old actor said in his interview, “It was my last shot at it. I was just going to go to college if I didn’t get this role, and I was going to go to Long Beach State and just do that for a while, and it ended up being the one that actually caught.” The actor added, “It felt like fate.

    James Lafferty also talked about his role as Nathan Scott. Lafferty revealed that he considered Nathan to be a “villain” when he first read the script, he felt “completely comfortable with that because he was so well-written as a villain. You could immediately recognize that he was the way that he was for a reason because of the way that his father is,” he says. 

    And so for me, it was just an opportunity to play a really complex character that was going through a lot, and it was manifesting itself in negative ways,” he continued. Lastly, Lafferty added, “But I remember very early on the writers telling me, ‘He’s not always going to be a villain. He’s going to make a turn.’ And I was like, ‘I’m fine, either way. This is fun.’”

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