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    “It Wasn’t About Rushing Or Trying To Prove Anything To Anyone”: Zendaya On How She Broke Free Of Her Disney Image

    Zendaya is among the most renowned actress in Hollywood. From ‘Spiderman toEuphoria’, she has explored a lot of roles throughout her career. Before all of this, she started her career on Disney Channel.

    Zendaya played Rocky, one of the lead roles in ‘Shake It Up’. Her transition from a child actor to an adult wasn’t like everybody else. She struggled with her ‘child’ image for most of her career. It was because her Disney image stuck with her and everybody still assumed her as a child actor.

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    Zendaya Speaks On Her Disney Image


    Zendaya has played teenage roles in most of her movies and series. Later her image was perceived that way. Even though she was an adult, people used to look up to her like a kid because of the Disney roles and continued teenage roles she did.

    Zendaya during an interview talked about not rushing with her roles and to prove to the audience that she’s an adult and is capable of doing such roles. She said, “It wasn’t about rushing or trying to prove to anyone rather just take my time and prove it to myself.” She continued, “With each project, they’re like “no, you can do this”, you can do this right?”

    The actress takes it as a positive growth and finds it a “beautiful journey”. Moreover, she expressed how she was not rushing in and was fine with playing the roles of a teenager. She added, “For example, like even Euphoria, while that was a departure I was still playing a teenager you know? So it’s like take your time.”

    Zendaya was taking her time to evolve as an actress and realized it wasn’t that grave, she just had to give herself some time and more exposure to new roles.

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    “People Were Able To Grow Along With Me”: Zendaya


    Zendaya was a child actress when she first started acting. She missed school and her life wasn’t like a normal teenage girl. She embraced herself as a beautiful individual who embodies both confidence and hard work. Further in the interview, she talked about how people grew with her from a teenager to an adult and she wasn’t alone in her journey.

    She continued, “People have been able to grow along with me, we were at the LA premiere a few days ago, and there was a girl there whom I’m assuming is an adult now, but she was showing me a picture of her when she was younger like probably 9 or 10 years old with like a ‘Shake-It-Up t-shirt” and she was like “I grew up with you”.

    Zendaya even after playing tons of teenager roles, always gives her best. She realized that the little girl who grew up with her was now allowed to watch her R-rated movies and she did actually grow up with her. Zendaya added that this “means the world to her” and it’s special to her.

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