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    “It’s My Toes”: Watch Kanye West Reprimand And Fire Pedicurist For A Painful Pedicure

    Kanye West has descended into the abyss of hate, and he is finding it difficult to find a way out. The year 2022 was about Kanye making headlines for his erratic behavior. After Paris Fashion Week, where he made some racially charged fashion statements, Ye went on a tirade to spew hate. Due to this, the rapper was ousted from the industry after major brands pulled the plug on deals they had

    After the 2024 presidential election bid, Kanye West went under the radar. However, recently, he made headlines with his vacation with his new wife, Bianca Censori. Ye and Bianca were spotted buying s**t toys in Japan. They created havoc with their risque fashion and paparazzi pictures. Currently, Ye is in the process of making new music with TY Dolla Sign. A new video showed that Ye was scolding his nail tech for inflicting pain during a pedicure, with a surprised reaction from his ‘Ego Death’ collaborator.

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    Kanye West Storms Off During His Pedicure Session

    Kanye West fired his pedicurist during the pedicure
    Kanye West fired his pedicurist during the pedicure

    Ye’s pedicure session after barefoot Italian excursions was halted by the man himself! When the nail tech tried to do her job, Kanye refused to take her services after she inflicted pain on him. The rapper’s frequent collaborator, TY Dolla $ign, posted a now-deleted video of the pedicure episode. The rapper captioned the video with laughing emojis.

    In the video, Kanye West is sitting with a leg in a wash basin and one leg up on the pedicurist’s lap. While she was working on the rapper’s toes, he screamed, “Ah! Whoa” in pain. The woman tried to calm him down and assure him that he was okay. However, the ‘Donda’ rapper refused to continue the pedicure. He went, “Nah, I’m not gonna do the rest of it. I gotta—I’m not gonna do it.”

    Kanye West interjected when she was explaining to him about the tool and said, “Oh, no, I’m not gonna do it.” The fashion mogul repeatedly said, “It’s my toes. It’s my toes. It’s my toes! I’m not gonna do it. That hurt.” He asked her to wrap it up, and when she asked about the hands, he said, “Nope! Thank you very much.”

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    The Rapper Is Working On An Album With TY Dolla $ign

    Ye is making a new album with TY Dolla $ign
    Ye is making a new album with TY Dolla $ign

    Kanye West’s professional fashion and political career were heavily affected by his problematic statements. But his music career also came to a halt after his anti-Semitic rant. The last album he released publicly was ‘Donda’ in 2021, after conducting several listening parties. He also released part two of his tenth album on Stem Player.

    Now, there is a strong chatter about Ye’s comeback after the tumultuous year he had. Kanye’s collaborator on ‘Donda’, Rooga, teased an upcoming Kanye West album on the ‘No Jumper’ podcast. Two sources told NBC News about the ‘Monster’ rapper releasing a new LP. One source claims that he has listened to the new album along with Bianca Censori. Another source states, “New music is imminent.”

    TMZ has also reported on Kanye West’s comeback album. A source told the outlet that he is “truly in a good headspace” as he is working on an album at a rapid pace. The outlet said, “We’re told Ye’s frequent collaborator Ty Dolla $ign has also been on hand in the studio, so it’s also possible they create a joint album in addition to his solo endeavor.”

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