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    “It’s Scarier To Be A Woman”: Emily Ratajkowski Supports Amber Heard Amid Moving In With Brad Pitt

    Ever since the defamation trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ended, people have had different reactions to it. While most people have been critical of Heard, there have been some who supported her. Model Emily Ratajkowski is one of them. She reportedly has moved in with Brad Pitt.

    Emily has recently voiced her support for the ‘Aquaman‘ actress after the latter has received a lot of hate for her relationship with Depp. She has stated that in times like these, it’s scarier to be a woman. Now it is obvious that Depp’s fans will be attacking her online after this.

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    Emily Ratajkowski Supports Amber Heard

    Emily Ratajkowski
    Emily Ratajkowski

    Model and author Emily Ratajkowski are known for her great beauty and glamorous photo shoots. She is also vocal about feminism, women empowerment, and other stuff.

    On the same day, Johnny Depp made a public appearance at the VMA Awards, the 31-year-old model posted support for Amber Heard.

    She took to Tiktok, to talk about the backlash Heard faced and widespread support for Depp as evidence that “its 2022 and its getting even SCARIER to be a woman.”

    Emily also stated other evidence like “roe v wade getting overturned,” “Harvey [Weinstein] getting an appeal,” “Shia [LaBeouf]’s redemption tour,”. She said “the way y’all dragged amber and the precedent that court case set” cements her belief that it’s difficult to be a woman in these times.

    According to some reports, Emily is currently dating actor Brad Pitt though. But if recent revelations are to be believed, Brad abused his ex-wife Angelina Jolie in 2016. This makes her support a bit ironic.

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    Brad Pitt Had Alleged Yelled And Abused Jolie On A 2016 Flight

    What all celebrities did Angelina Jolie date before Brad Pitt?
    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

    It has been recently revealed the reason why Angelina filed for divorce from Brad Pitt in 2016. Jolie told the officials that the ‘Troy‘ actor was “mad” when they boarded a private jet in September of that year.

    The couple was accompanied by their six children. On the flight, Jolie said that her then-husband was drinking. He took her to the restroom where he “grabbed her by the head, shaking her.”

    Pitt also shook her by the shoulders as they argued over one of their children. Jolie filed for divorce just a week later after this incident. The ‘Tom Raider’ actress alleged that Pitt punched the ceiling of the plane four times and yelled at her, “You’re fucking up this family.”‘

    When the kids asked, “Are you OK, Mommy?” Pitt allegedly responded: “No, she’s not OK, she’s ruining this family, she’s crazy.” One of the kids then yelled back: “It’s not her, it’s you, you p—k!”. He then allegedly ran toward the child but Jolie held him back, suffering injuries to her back and elbow in the process.


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