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    “I’ve Never Said This Anywhere But…”: Blackpink’s Jennie Talks About Being Coerced As A Rapper On Dua Lipa’s Podcast

    It is a very tough terrain to ascend to become a K-pop idol and have a global appeal and impact with one’s music. But Jennie from Blackpink has become the epitome of success through hard work. After the thunderous success of ‘Born Pink,’ Jennie was seen in Sam Levinson’s infamous series ‘The Idol.’

    Recently, Jennie appeared on Dua Lipa’s podcast ‘At Your Service.’ During the podcast, she revealed some unknown facets of her life and training to become a globetrotting K-pop idol. One of the most shocking revelations among many was that the ‘Pink Venom’ artist felt forced to be a rapper due to her good English.

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    Blackpink’s Jennie Always Wanted To Explore Singing

    Blackpink's Jennie on Dua Lipa's 'At Your Service' podcast
    Blackpink’s Jennie on Dua Lipa’s ‘At Your Service’ podcast

    During the ‘At Your Service’ podcast by Dua Lipa, Jennie talked about her initial days as a trainee to become a K-pop idol. She recalled how she wanted to play with her vocals, but her agency pushed her to rap. Jennie said, “Actually, I’ve never really said this anywhere, but I’ve wanted to, and it’s something to do with me rapping.”

    The singer continued, “Okay, so, like you said, I’ve gotten into the whole idea of rapping because of the language [English] that I was working with. That’s how I started. And back when I was a trainee [being assigned rap parts], I thought, like, this is what I was supposed to do. And I got so into it. By the time that we debut, in my head, I’m thinking I’m a rapper.”

    She added, “Like, in my head, I’m gonna go out there and rap my ass [off]. But the strange part was, like how you said before about finding your identity, like as a training tool. So after our debut, we did like six songs where I would just rap, like, seriously rap. And along the way, I kind of got confused.”

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    The Artist Experienced Burn Out


    During the ‘At Your Service’ podcast, Jennie continued, “The more I did singing and music, I came to realize that there’s a big side of me inside that I love to sing and just play with my vocals.”

    Jennie added, “But I actually never had the chance to really explore that as a trainee, because I got told that I should be a rapper, you know? So there was a phase where I would hate to rap. Like, I was like, This isn’t me, like, this isn’t the journey that I envisioned in my head. Like, I don’t think I’m a rapper. So there was definitely a burnout season.”

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