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    James Corden’s Hilarious Entrance Causes A Splash At Harry Styles’ Final Spectacular Performance

    The former talk show host, James Corden, and the ‘Watermelon Sugar,’ Harry Styles, singer are known for their friendship. They are spotted often in public and at each other’s shows and concerts. And this time also, James Corden makes it to his best mate’s concert. 

    Harry Styles’ Love On Tour has been going on for quite some time now. The tour finally wrapped in Italy. And Corden made sure to support his best mate. So let’s take a look at the details right here. 

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    James Corden Is A Big Harry Styles Fan

    James Corden and Harry Styles
    James Corden and Harry Styles

    The ‘Cinderella’ star has been a big Harry Styles stan and a loyal one too. James Corden showed up at Harry Styles’ final day of the Love On Tour concert at Reggio Emilia, Italy concert. Corden not only looked in from the VIP section but also enjoyed it a lot.

    James Corden was seen grooving to Harry Styles’ set and dancing off all through the night. He was also spotted singing along with other Harry Styles fans. 

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    Their Friendship Over The Years

    James Corden and Harry Styles
    James Corden and Harry Styles

    Corden and Styles’ friendship has been one of the best celebrity friendships. They have been close friends for a long time now. James Corden first met Harry Styles through One Direction. 

    After that, both of them have been seen together on various occasions. In 2020, the duo collaborated on a crosswalk concert. They were also seen often together on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke.

    Their strong bond of friendship is also seen when they participated in a dodgeball match that got millions of views. Harry even swooped in to save his friend James Corden’s The Late Late Show‘ at the last minute. Styles hosted the show one night at short notice when James’s wife unexpectedly went into labor.

    James Corden has often talked about Harry Styles with a lot of love as friends. “I just think [Harry is] so special as a human, but actually, you don’t have any of those feelings because … like there is someone who wants to embrace the world they’re living into the absolute best that he can and you never ever feel like that,” James Corden once said. 

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