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    John Krasinski Opens Up About The Possibility Of Returning As Reed Richards In ‘Fantastic Four’

    The Office star John Krasinski has no doubt captured a special space in the hearts of millions of fans with his appearance in ‘Doctor Strange 2′. By portraying Earth-838’s Reed Richards, he brought one of the most popular Marvel fan cast to life. Although his screen time was too short as he was killed by Wanda Maximoff in the sequel.

    So, fans are hoping to see Krasinski sharing the screen in Marvel Cinematic Universe once again. Well, that leads to the wide rumor of him reprising his role in the upcoming Marvel film ‘Fantastic Four’. But rumors are just rumors! What does Krasinski himself think about this?


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    John Krasinski Making The Ambience In Jimmy Fallon Show!

    John Krasinski in Jimmy Fallon Show
    John Krasinski in Jimmy Fallon Show

    During an interview on ‘The Tonight Show’ Starring Jimmy Fallon, ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ actor, John Krasinski addressed the possibility of returning as Reed Richards in Marvel Studios’ ‘Fantastic Four’. He hinted that he himself has no clue about his return in the movie that starts phase 6. You can check the whole conversation below.

    Fallon: Comic-Con, they just announced all these new movies, and they announced that there’s gonna be a new Fantastic Four movie.

    Krasinski: Yes.

    Fallon: You’re not allowed to say anything.

    Krasinski: Nope.

    Fallon: I’m not allowed to really ask you.

    Krasinski: That’s right.

    Fallon: But… you think? You think?

    Krasinski: You think?

    Fallon: Do you think? Could one think?

    Krasinski: Seriously, what have you heard? I need to know.

    Fallon: They don’t tell you anything?

    Krasinski: They don’t tell you anything.

    Fallon: Not until right before you’re about to shoot.

    Krasinski: That’s right.

    Well, at a point Fallon brought up the topic of his wife Emily Blunt appearing as Sue Storm in MCU. Avoiding the question smoothly, Krasinski faked being shot by a dart and dying as the crowd burst into laughter.

    Fallon: And there’s also a rumor that your wife, Emily Blunt, would play Sue Storm.

    Krasinski: Oh!

    Fallon: You think? Do you think?!

    Krasinski: Jimmy, I’m gonna tell you on your show, it’s… (fakes death)

    Fallon: Oh my god! Someone killed him right now, can we get him a medic? That’s acting right there!

    Krasinski: No, it’s actually a Marvel dart. That’s a Marvel dart, there’s a guy walking around.

    Fans Can’t Wait To See Krasinski As Reed Richards Once Again

    Well, this particular episode of ‘The Tonight Show’ caught a little more attention than the others. Fans flooded social media with their anticipations of John Krasinski playing Reed Richards Once again in the ‘Fantastic Four’. One fan wrote, “That would be great.”

    While another wrote, “It’s so random that feels like a lie but I really want it to be true.”

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