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    Johnny Depp Takes A Dig On Amber Heard With The Lyrics Of His New Songs

    The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard story doesn’t seem to come to an end. The ex-couple is at each other’s throats even after the Virginia Court jury settled their legal dispute. Recently, Heard claimed that she lost the case because the court seated the wrong juror.

    And now, Depp has seemingly taken a dig at his ex-wife with the songs he wrote for an upcoming album. The alleged controversial lyrics cover things like holding a grudge, moving on, and no more financially empowering the abusive ex.

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    Johnny Depp Goes All Out In His Upcoming Songs

    Johnny Depp & Amber Heard
    Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

    The Oscar-nominated actor has reportedly written two songs for his friend Jeff Beck’s upcoming album and some of the lyrics seem to be directed at Heard who had written an op-ed about her domestic abuse.

    According to a report by The Sunday Times, one of the lyrics goes “I think you have said enough for one motherf*****g night.” While Depp has not mentioned Heard’s name anywhere, his fans have pointed out the obvious reference.

    One of the tracks titled ‘Sad Motherf***ing parade’ targets Heard for not moving on. The song’s lyrics are “You’re sitting there like a dog with a seven-year itch.” Another lyric that the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star has written, says, “If I had a dime, it wouldn’t reach your hand.”

    Heard’s Insurance Company Refuses To Cover Damage

    Amber & Johnny Depp
    Amber & Johnny Depp

    The New York Marine and General Insurance Company has filed a suit against Heard in the US District Court and have refused to cover the damage she owes to Depp.

    According to a report by Law and Crime, Amber had a $1 million liability policy that she planned to use to pay the damages to Depp but the company has refused to pay that sum. The company has stated that Heard “willfully” and “maliciously” damaged Depp’s reputation.

    Heard’s legal team had earlier submitted a motion demanding to overturn the decision in the trial including the $10.35 million given to Depp by the jury.

    Another twist that followed this case lately has been the fact that a wrong juror seated the trial and Heard is demanding a new trial. According to Deadline, a 52-year-old jury member who seated the trial was never summoned and did not appear on the list.

    Heard’s lawyers told a US Court that the “due process was compromised” in the trial and therefore the court should dismiss the June verdict and order a new trial.

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