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    Julia Roberts Reveals The Advice She Wants To Give Her Younger Self

    In a mix of humor and seriousness, actress Julia Roberts opened up about the advice she will give to her younger self. 56-year-old Roberts, who is known for her roles in ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Erin Brockovich’, was in conversation with People when she dished out some advice she would give to the 19-year-old  version of herself.

    Stand up straighter,” she said in a humorous tone before she moved to a piece of more serious advice. “It’s all going to be okay, and don’t pluck your eyebrows,” she added, coming right back to her humorous self.

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    Julia Roberts Dishes Out Advice For Her Younger Self As Her Twins Turn 19

    Julia Roberts is a mother of three children. (Image: GETTY)

    The interview came just a few days after Roberts celebrated the 19th birthday of her twins Hazel and Phinneas on November 28. As she navigates through motherhood of her three children, the actress has several lessons to pass on. The actress has a family of five with her husband Danny Moder, two twins and a son Henry.

    Recently on November 28, she took to Instagram to celebrate the 19th birthday of her twins. She posted an old picture of the twins. It was in this context that People asked her about the advice she would give to herself when she was the same age as her children now are.

    Roberts shared the stage with Mahershala Ali, who is co-starring with her in the upcoming thriller ‘Leave The World Behind’. Ali also chimed in on the advice question. An Oscar winner, the 49-year-old Ali said patience is the most important thing for teenagers who have a life ahead of them.

    He said he would advise his younger self to “be patient because things will unfold as they should.” “I always tell myself to be prayerful, patient and persistent. Those three things and I feel you’ve got it all, in my humble opinion,” Ali added.

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    Julia Set For Release Of Netflix Thriller ‘Leave The World Behind’

    Julia Roberts is set for the release of her upcoming Netflix thriller ‘Leave The World Behind’. (Image: People)

    The two Oscar winners had met on the Oscars dais in 2019. Roberts had handed Ali the Best Picture Oscar for the film ‘Green Book’, which further earned him his second Best Supporting Actor award. This will be the first time that he two will be collaborating together in the Netflix thriller, ‘Leave The World Behind’.

    Speaking of thrillers, the actors also opened up about scary movies and their approach towards the thriller genre. Both said that though are delighted to bring a thriller to the screens, they personally prefer to tread lightly when it comes to watching scary movies.

    I don’t like to be scared,” Roberts said. Ali also agreed with her, but reminisced how childhood was a time when he would enjoy getting scared.

    Not anymore. I loved it as a kid. I watched Friday the 13th at 8, 9 years old. Horror films and creature features. Then I got in my teens and drifted away from all that, and just as an adult I’m not that interested in being scared. … Roller coasters, I’m good,” Ali said.

    Roberts also agreed as she smiled at the host. ”I used to like roller coasters when I was a kid growing up in Georgia; the Scream Machine at Six Flags was pretty great,” she said.

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