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    Kardashian-Jenner Chef Reveals Family’s Food Secrets, Preferences And Cheat Meals

    What do KardashiansJenners eat except salad? It’s been the question of the last decade and finally, Chef K answered it. Contrary to common belief the Kardashians do not live on shaken-up salads, a lot more goes on in the celebrity kitchen. What other delights do they relish? Let us find out from their chef.

    The Kardashians’ go-to chef, Khristianne Uy, aka Chef K, gives us a taste of the American royals’ culinary habits. Khristianne lets us all in on their disciplined diets and indulgent cravings.

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    Kardashians’ Love For Carbs Revealed

    The Kardashians
    The Kardashians

    Chef K spills the beans on the family’s love for carbs, highlighting the grilled cheese sandwich as a favorite late-night snack. She reveals that even after long hours, requests for this cheesy delight are common from the sisters, especially post lively gatherings. As she puts it, “Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese with tomato bisque, right? Like, to soak up all the liquor” during the holidays.

    Chef K discloses that during the holiday season, the Kardashian-Jenners give in to all of their indulgences. Pasta, cheese, and bread find a place on their table they later burn it off with their extensive routine. The Chef says it’s always ensured that everyone gets their festive fill. As she puts it, “no one’s trying to slim away” during these joyous occasions.

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    Individual Preferences Of Each Kardashian-Jenner

    The Kardashians' go-to chef, Khristianne Uy
    The Kardashians’ go-to chef, Khristianne Uy

    Chef K opened up in an interview with Page Six about catering to the unique food preferences of each member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan – from accommodating Kourtney and Travis Barker‘s vegan choices to steering clear of cilantro for Kim. She also avoids spicy peppers for Kendall Jenner and tailors meals to their specific tastes. For Khloe, it’s all about lean proteins like chicken breast and turkey. However, “As far as their diet goes, they’re really disciplined.”

    While the grown-ups do have their own preferences to pick on the plate it’s the little ones that are deemed “finicky ones,”. However, Chef K does emphasize their willingness to explore new flavors as long as they are involved in the cooking process. She notes, “They’re pretty good at trying things,”. 

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