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    Khaleesi Meets Prince William: Emilia Clarke Gets Honored For Her Charity Efforts For Brain Injury Victims

    A reel-life queen just met a real-life prince to receive an honor and fans can’t keep their calm. In a regal event that has fans super excited, Duke of Cambridge Prince William bestowed the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire medals upon the esteemed ‘Game of Thronesstar, Emilia Clarke, and her mother, Jennifer Clarke.

    In the royal event at Windsor Castle, the actress received the royal recognition for her charitable services to people grappling with brain injuries through her trust ‘SameYou. Both Emilia Clarke and her mother run the charity foundation and have contributed majorly to people who suffered brain injuries.

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    Emilia Clarke And Her Mother Receive Award For Their Charity Organization For People With Brain Injuries

    Emilia Clarke (Image: Getty)
    Emilia Clarke (Image: Getty)

    As the Game of Thrones‘ actress and her mother received the honor, Instagram account of Prince William’s team captured the heartwarming ceremony. “From Westeros to Windsor, a real pleasure presenting @emilia_clarke and her mum Jennifer with their honours today for their charity work with @sameyouorg supporting brain injury recovery care. Congratulations to all of today’s recipients!” Prince William’s team captioned a montage of the ceremony on Instagram.

    With smiles adorning their faces, the mother-daughter duo expressed gratitude for the honor. “Well, it was such an honor personally, but more importantly, we started the charity because the consequences of brain injury are just so unknown,” Jennifer Clarke said.

    To have an award like this… cherry on the cake,” Emilia said. “I’m going to get my photo taken because of this award. And people are going to say, ‘Why is this person, who we recognize, got this award?’ And we’re going to say, ‘It’s for brain injury recovery,’” she added.

    We’re doing it to try and help other people who have been doing it for a lot longer than us, make the changes that are so desperately needed for people,” Jennifer added.

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    “The Core Of Our Work Is Recovery”: Khaleesi Says Her Own Injury Inspired Her To Launch Charity Fund

    Emilia Clarke and her mother (Image: Getty)
    Emilia Clarke and her mother (Image: Getty)

    The awards were announced in King Charles’ 2024 New Year Honours List. The monarch applauded the Clarkes’ outstanding service and dedication, recognizing their role in establishing SameYou and raising considerable funds and awareness for people recovering from brain injuries and strokes.

    Emilia is renowned for her portrayal of Queen Daenerys Targaryen in ‘Game of Thrones’, but her her personal struggle with two aneurysms in 2011 and 2013 is also no secret. The actress has channelized her money into charity for others like herself through the creation of ‘SameYou’.

    Speaking to PEOPLE in 2019, Emilia had opened up about the importance of companionship during the recovery process. “The whole experience inspired me to launch my charity SameYou. People’s lives are transformed completely after a brain injury, and the core of our work is recovery — it’s not just the first weeks that you need help, you still need help for years,” she said.

    I wanted to match someone with a consistent person who has the answers and can hold their hand and tell them that they’re not alone. Being there when someone is scared, confused or angry is one of the kindest things you can do,” the ‘Me Before You‘ actress added.

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