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    Kim Kardashian Look-Alike Claims LeBron James Has Been Creeping On Her On Instagram

    A lot of NBA stars have been roped into controversies over the years, and some, more times than others. Recently, yet another NBA star, LeBron James, got involved in a controversy when a Kim Kardashian look-alike accused him of creeping on her on Instagram.

    Social media has certainly become the hub of controversies for celebrities. It’s a place where judgment comes before getting to the truth. So, what actually happened in James’ case?

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    What Did Le Bron James Really Do?

    LeBron James
    Influencer makes claims against LeBron James

    One Instagram influencer, who is a Kim Kardashian look-alike, claimed that LeBron James was creeping on her on Instagram and even shared receipts to prove it all. The receipts revealed that he was watching her stories. However, this is still not concrete proof of whether he was really creeping on her on social media or not.

    It’s still hard to imagine LeBron would do something of the sort for fans, considering the fact that he has been happily married since 2013. Not only that, but he also shares three kids with his wife. These facts make it hard for his fans to fathom that LeBron would pursue another woman. Furthermore, watching stories is not a big indicator of creepiness.

    This is not the first time James got roped into such a controversial matter. There have been people in the past as well who have tried to make a lot of claims about the star in order to grab attention. Fans are of the opinion that these claims made by the woman could very well be false and basically a helpless cry for attention by involving the name of James. He hasn’t commented on the claims of the influencer yet. So, whether the receipts are true or not still remains a question.

    The Los Angeles Lakers Superstar Courted Controversy For Covid Tweet

    Lebron James
    LeBron James has been caught up in controversies before

    In 2021, James posted a cartoon meme and expressed that he was struggling to see the distinction between COVID-19, flu and a cold. The meme featured three Spidermen — one labeled “flu,” another “covid,” and the last one marked “cold” — pointing at each other in apparent confusion. He captioned it, “Help me out folks.”

    The tweet drew widespread criticism and even basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar called out James for his blatant indifference. Jabbar called his post “a blow to his worthy legacy.”

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