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    From Machine Gun Kelly to Mayor Justin Bibb See All the Celebrity in NBA All Star Games

    NBA All-Star celebrity game is held every year since 2002-03. Organized by the National Basketball Association, the yearly event takes place for three days including weekends. The teams are made of a mix of retired NBA players, WNBA players, people from the entertainment industry, and well-known personalities. The common thing is nobody has a basketball background.

    The teams are under the guidance of MVP Bill Walton and the nine-time NBA All-star Dominique Wilkins. The all-star celebrity game has recognized faces from the fields of Actors, Sports athletes, renowned personalities and influencers, and the music industry (singers and rappers). The game was canceled last year due to the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic.

    Teams for the NBA ALL-STAR Celebrity Game

    Bill Walton
    Bill Walton

    We have team Walton and Nique fighting for the title. The list of members in each team is given below:

    Team Walton– Jimmie Allen, Noah Carlock, Brittney Elena, Machine Gun Kelly, Dearica Hamby, Nyjah Huston, Matt James, Quavo, Ranveer Singh, Alex Toussaint, and Anderson Varejao.

    Team Nique– Anuel AA, Mayor Justin Bibb, Kane Brown, Myles Garrett, Booby Gibson, Tiffany Haddish, Jack Harlow, Crissa Jackson, Anjali Ranadive, and Gianmarco Tamberi.

    Dominique Wilkins
    Dominique Wilkins

    The first game on Friday night marks the winning of Team Walton with a score of 65-51. Alex Toussaint grabs the MVP award with 18 points.

    A Brief Background on New Entrants: Team Nique/Team Walton

    Kane Brown and Jimmie Allen
    Kane Brown and Jimmie Allen

    Kane Brown Vs Jimmie Allen

    Both the stars are country music singers. 

    Kane Brown, 28, has American Music Awards in his name.

    Jimmie Allen won New artist of the year at the Country Music Awards. Brown resides in Nashville and has experience on the court. Jimmie Allen, 36, is 4 feet shorter as compared to Brown.

    Jack Harlow Vs Machine Gun Kelly

    Jack Harlow and Machine Gun Kelly
    Jack Harlow and Machine Gun Kelly

    Rapper Jack Harlow, 23, hails from Louisville. However, no information is available on his love for basketball.

    Machine Gun Kelly, 31, attended high school in Cleveland The rapper has a good height of 6’4″ but there is no information regarding his athletic achievement. The rapper is engaged to Megan Fox.

    Myles Garrett Vs Matt James 

    Myles Garrett and Matt James
    Myles Garrett and Matt James

    Meet the strong opponents as both are talented players from the field of sports. Myles Garrett, 26, is a professional football player with a height of 6’4″ and weighs 275. 

    Matt James, 30, is an experienced player, athlete member of Wake Forest. James is a 6’5″ tall hunk weighing 210 is a strong player in the Walton team.

    Anjali Ranadive Vs Ranveer Singh

    Anjali Ranadive and Ranveer Singh
    Anjali Ranadive and Ranveer Singh

    Vivek Ranadive’s daughter, Anjali Ranadive, 29-year-old, is the owner of Sacramento Kings. She is an experienced player, practicing full-court pressing, dribbling, etc, dominating the opposite team.

    Ranveer Singh, 36, a Bollywood star, is a Brand Ambassador of the NBA for India. The Gully boy from India does not hail from an athletic background, however, maintains his body as per the projects done.

    Anuel AA Vs Quavo 

    Anuel AA and Quavo 
    Anuel AA and Quavo 

    The rapper Anuel aa, 29-years-old, has a height of 5’6″. He is from Puerto Rico. He can play basketball but there is nothing about his expertise in the game.

    Quavo, 30, is a 5’10” skilled basketball player, Cleveland celebrity.

    Mayor Justin Bibb Vs Alex Toussaint

    Mayor Justin Bibb and Alex Toussaint
    Mayor Justin Bibb and Alex Toussaint

    The leaders of the respective teams are Mayor Justin Bibb and Alex Toussaint. 

    Justin Bibb, 34, holds the title of second youngest mayor title in Ohio Cleveland.

    Whereas, Alex Toussaint, 27, is a Peloton instructor, helping thousands of people in maintaining their shape. He loves riding bikes.

    Bobby Gibson Vs Dearica Hamby

    Bobby Gibson and Dearica Hamby
    Bobby Gibson and Dearica Hamby

    Gibson, a former NBA player, is a former Cavs Two guard too.

    Dearica Hamby, 28, has the title “Sixth Woman of The Year” in her name two times.

    Tiffany Haddish Vs Nyjah Huston

    Tiffany Haddish and Nyjah Huston
    Tiffany Haddish and Nyjah Huston

    Haddish, 42-years-old, hails from America as a comedian, author, and actress.

    Nyjah Huston, 27, is a professional skateboarder and one among the world’s highest-paid for the same.

    Live Stream and Streaming channels


    The NBA all-star three-day games are happening in Cleveland, Ohio this year. The live streaming of the three-day event is covered by the following channels: 

    18 February, Friday

    The repeat telecast of the game is available with TNT and TBT.

    7 p.m. EST: NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, ESPN.

    9 p.m. EST: Rising Stars game, TNT

    19 February, Saturday

    11 a.m. EST: All-Star practice, NBA TV

    2 p.m. EST: NBA x HBCU Classic, NBA TV/TNT/ESPN2.

    8 p.m. EST: All-Star Saturday Night, TNT

    20 February, Sunday

    Noon EST: NBA Legends Awards, NBA TV.

    2 p.m. EST: NBA G League Next Gem Game, NBA TV.

    8 p.m. EST: NBA All-Star Game, TNT/TBS.

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