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    Kim Kardashian’s Ex Ray J Says He “Slept Together” With Kanye West’s Ex Amber Rose “Every Night” On Reality TV Show ‘College Hill’

    The Kardashians and the people associated with them perhaps have the most dramatic relationships in the entire Hollywood. In a new and weird twist to their dating histories, it has now come to light that one of Kim Kardashian‘s exes, Ray J, and her ex-husband Kanye West‘s ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose, also shared some kind of physical intimacy once.

    Ray J and Amber Rose filmed a reality show called ‘College Hill’ together, wherein they apparently “slept together” every night, as recently revealed by Ray J. Here’s what he said.

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    Amber Rose Was Too Afraid To Sleep Alone As She Was Seeing ghosts

    Ray J and Amber Rose
    Amber Rose and Ray J

    During a recent interview, Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Ray J revealed that during his time with Amber Rose on the reality show ‘College Hill‘, the two would sleep together quite often because of Amber Rose’s fear of ghosts.

    During an interview with ‘The Jason Lee Show,’ the singer, actor, and TV star, said that Rose would “see ghosts” every night and wanted to be held tight by someone. “I could tell you Amber was seeing ghosts in the [College Hill] house,” he said.

    “She’s like, ‘Ray J, I need you to come up and sleep with me every night ’cause I see ghosts,” he added. Upon receiving a pushback from Lee, the singer argued “I don’t know how much they showed, but we slept together most of the show.”

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    Ray J Is Making Rounds Of Interview Claiming Things

    Ray J and Amber Rose
    Ray J and Amber Rose

    Amber Rose also reacted to a clip of the same interview posted on Instagram. Amber Rose seemingly took the claims sportingly without denying them. “Lmaoooo Ray J is a troll,” she wrote in the comments section with laughing emojis.

    Meanwhile, Ray J has been making multiple statements recently as he is appearing on several shows and giving interviews. He also recently talked about the infamous Kim K s*x tape on the Club Shay Shay podcast. He believes that the clip changed the world.

    “How different would we all be? How different would this whole f**king thing be? How different would this industry be? Everything would be different. There might not be any OnlyFans and all the things like that,” the ‘Last Wish‘ singer said of Kim’s infamous scandal. “All the opportunities like that. Probably more people would be going to college,” he added.

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